My wife's delivery at Kailash Hospital, Noida

My wife had her first baby delivered through a Cesarean operation at Kailash hospital. Due to some pre-delivery complication she was admitted 2 days before the operation happened. We spent 3 days after the operation.
Unlike other '5 star hospitals' Kailash does not push unnecessary luxury onto you. I found that their amenities to be just right without any extravagance. I have heard that to make money some hospitals make you stay in ICU for an extra day or delay your discharge etc. We experienced no such thing at Kailash. My wife was promptly moved from OT to Critical care unit to her room. Also, she was discharged 3 days after her Cesarean operation.
The nurses at the hospital were quite inexperienced. There was a time when my wife was on glucose drip and the nurses were simultaneously taking her blood sample for sugar test. No surprises that the blood sugar was high in the test. One of the doctors told us that the quality of nurses is an issue at all hospitals; primarily because the well trained nurses leave for western countries and only the new and inexperience ones are left behind.
My wife was discharged in the morning however we could manage to go home only in evening. This was because of the painfully slow clearance of bills by the TPA. Also, the staff that mans the TPA counter at Kailash is very 'sarkari' in their attitude. The person who is incharge behaves as if he is doing you a giant favor by listening to you or by faxing your bills to insurance. Also, in my case the insurance was unable to get the bills on fax/email, so I had to physically take the bills to the insurance for getting the approval; but I guess this was more of bad luck than anything else.


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