Travelling in Chennai with Uber

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Recently I shifted to Chennai along with my family. Commuting in a new city was not easy, especially with my home and office at the other ends of the city. I was driving close to one hour each way going back and forth to work. As a result, I couldn't find time to work on medlly as I was too tired when I reached home and whatever time and energy I was left with I preferred to spend it with my son.

On a fateful Monday, feeling too tired to drive, I hailed an Uber and there has been no looking back since. I love the quality of the cars, the fact that all the drivers are comfortable with English (since I can speak very little Tamil) and the easy availability within 5-10 minutes. I am totally in love with the Uber experience. I also managed to rescue my 2 hours each day that I was spending driving; now I utilize this time to work on medlly and contribute my bit.

If you are not yet on Uber, I highly recommend that you try it. You can also get your first ride FREE by entering the code G9BUY in the promotion section of the app (and help me too get a free ride :)). By doing this you will help me free 2 hours a day that I can then devote to this site.

You can get the Uber app on Play store here and on Apple iTunes here .

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