Good Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore

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Some of the best Cosmetic Surgeon Found through Internet. Hope will help someone..

Dr. Shubha M Kesari at Jayanagar 4 Block:- She is knowledgable, She has good patience, she listened to my full story, conversed very nicely, explained me about the reasons, reassured me that infection would get cured. Productive and useful interaction. Got a whole round perspective of my condition and eventually came to conclusion that certain high level treatment isn't required. Doctor was very clear in making me understand my situation. Listened and observed very patiently. Suggested possible treatment for various stages of my situation. Recommendation for the treatment was apt and make sense.

Dr. Sreekar Harinatha at Kalyan Nagar :- I went to Dr. Harinatha for my Liposuction. He is a professional and met my expectations Had a depth conversation with him about Liposuction. He did all the procedure very well Listen my all the issues and made me relax about procedure. Very reasonable too.

Dr. Sahebgowda Shetty at Rajaji Nagar :- Soft spoken, puts you at ease. Doesn't rush. Waits until you are satisfied with his answers. I found this clinic to be the most economical. Dr.Shetty is a good doctor & experienced doctor. The experience was great as the surgeons were kind and polite in their approach and made me feel very comfortable. He was able to answer my queries without any hesitation and with lot of patience. I definitely would recommend him to all my friends.
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