Bad Experince at SKRA Hospital Bangalore

I had a talk with some of my friends and found that SKRA Hospital not at all good. So please think twice before going there. Here are my friends review about that Hospital

I had very bad experience with sakra hospital, I took my daughter twice for fever and cough, they just wrote unnecessary tests. Very bitter experience.

Bad experience with Sakra.. Top doctor there did not even touch my son when he had 103.5 degrees and just prescribed medicine. He did not even suggest sponge bath (which apollo doc had suggested previous time when he had 102 ) to get down the temp immediately.. And their token system sucked big time for getting medicines.. Had to wait for 25 minutes for 6 tokens to move on !!! A BIG NO to SAKRA

I had a friend who walked into Emergency with a severely dehydrated child and the doc started asking her, without even attending to the child, whether he had Down's syndrome (as he is from the north east and his parents aren't). Despite my friend denying, he went on to question his IQ level, all this while ignoring the weak child. My friend finally lost it and blasted him asking how it was relevant to the treatment required.

Hope it will be helpful to you in deciding the best hospital
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