Some good Opthalmologist in Hyderabad

Here are some good Opthalmologist in Hyderabad. Found them from Internet.

Dr. Rishi Swarup :- Doctor was excellent and treatment was awesome, for any eye related problems and surgeries go for his eye clinic. He was very nice in explaining the problem. Very informative and gave all required info. It was a wonderful experience interacting with Dr Rishi Swarup.

Dr. H. Siva Mohan Reddy :- Visit to Dr. P Siva Reddy Eye Hospital was awesome.the way doctor and staff treated was one of the best experience. He is good and he discussed well with all aspects of treatment! He is very professional, courteous, accommodating and compassionate. The reports were automatically correlated with my past 3 years reports, This gave us a thorough understanding if the drugs have to be increased or decreased or maintained at the same level...Luckily, my eyes have maintained status quo! I will refer this hospital to my family n friends. Thank u once again. Special thanks to the doctor for his politeness.

Dr. Milind Bhide :- He is a very soft spoken person and he is able to diagnose properly. It is always a pleasure to meet him. Professionally competent and well managed. One feels fully taken care of. Overall counselling session was in full context in educating the disease, treatments and procedures. Always first choice. Got the expected care and treatment. The staff is equally good and give due attention to every patient.

Hope It will be helpful to you..
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