Some best Opthalmologist in Bangalore

Hello Friends. I have consulted some of my friends and found out some of the best Opthalmologist in Bangalore. Here are the reviews:

Dr. T A Srikanth :- Good professionalism. Dr. Srikanth inspires confidence.He is very professional and courteous. Doctor examined the eyes properly and suggested the best treatment. Seemed like he is not someone who is just looking to bill you a higher amount. Gave the right advice for the patient. I have always left the clinic with a feeling of satisfaction. One good point is they will write spectacles only if its required. So we are satisfied with the services.

Dr. Rahul Jain :- My experience with Dr. Rahul Jain was extremely pleasant. He is very pleasant to talk to. Dr seems to have good knowledge and possess very good communication to feel patient comfortable... got many useful tips on eyes pain than medicines. Clinic is so premium with comforting staff. visitors coming to clinic have proper treatment in time for your healthy eyes.

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi :- Outstanding. Dr Sirish is very thorough, analytical and clear in the diagnosis. He is willing to engage openly if you have questions or would like to learn about the problem better. . His fee is very reasonable and he himself is careful and not wasteful about his treatment recommendations. I feel comfortable and safe to have been his patient and would surely recommend others without any doubt. You can trust his diagnosis as he is very experienced and good at what he does.
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