Suggest the best Cardiologist in Hyderabad

Can anyone please suggest the best Cardiologist in Hyderabad. I need it urgently. My Grand Ma is not fine. She is complaining about the pain in her left hand. I want to talk with a great Cardiologist about that. Do not want to take chance..


  • @Shreya Here is some best Cardiologist in Hyderabad. My friends and family had a good Experience of them. These are the reviews of them.

    Dr. Gopichand Mannam at STAR Hospital : Dr. Gopichand is the best Cardiac Surgeon for Bypass Surgery in Hyderabad. He is dedicated in providing the best care to the patient. Last year we were bothered about our grand ma health. Because Major valves of her heart was diagnosed to be blocked. Then we were admitted her to the star hospital under the care of Dr. Gopichand. Where she got the best treatment. Dr. Gopichand is just awesome.

    Dr. P A Jiwani at KIMS Hospital Secunderabad : I would say a wonderful doctor he is. About 2 years back I got operated by him. and I had a great experience of him. He implant stunt in my heart. He almost gave second birth to me. Thank You doctor.

    Dr. Lokeshwar Rao at STAR Hospital Banjara Hills : Very nice doctor. He Identified my problem correctly. I got operated by him 4 years back. very satisfied with him. I recommend all of my friends and family to him. and everyone who went to him said that Dr. Lokeshwar Rao is a very down to earth person

    Dr. Ganesh Mathan at Yashoda Hospital Somajiguda : He expertise in his field.. He is the best Hypertension specialist.. I was suffering from high Blood Pressure problem. Because of that I would not done my work properly. My life is becoming very sad day by day. Because of my anger no one want to talk with me. But After coming in touch with him My Blood pressure is in control. I am very happy.

    You may consult with anyone of these doctors. Hope your Grand Ma is fine.

  • Dr. Sharath Reddy A at MaxCure Hospitals Hyderabad: One of the best Interventional Cardiologist in Hyderabad India. Who performed retrograde angioplasty (Japanese technology) first time in India to remove 100% blockage in the heart valves.

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    Dr Anil Krishna G, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at MaxCure Hospitals. Dr. Anil Krishna is famous heart specialist at Hyderabad in performing simple to complex cardiac procedures (Angiogram and Angioplasty).

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    For appointment booking, please call to 8008 186 678 or Email us: [email protected]
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