Suggest some good Psychiatrist in Bangalore.

Hello Team
Could anyone please suggest a good Psychiatrist in Bangalore. one of my friend need for his cousin brother.


  • @prerna Here are some reviews about doctors in Bangalore. Hope it would be helpful to you..
    Dr. Srinivas JS...... BTM Layout Second Stage :- Doctor is expert and very helpful.He listen to your problems in a proper way and take proper time to explain the queries. He is very supportive and friendly. He easily understood what I was facing.He gave lot of solutions for my situation. I started the treatment from him and now I have improved a lot. Because of his guidance. I started looking the situations and life in more positive and joyful way.

    Dr. Satish Ramavah....Yeshwanthpur.... :- He is well experienced. Down to earth person. Listen to problems very patiently unlike other doctors. Give appropriate treatment and suggest several long lasting action plan along with medication that would help the patient. He talks as if he is one of the family member which increases the confidence in the patient, So that he can express his problems well and get right treatment. He is one of the best psychiatrist in bangalore.

    Dr. Safiya MS.....Sahakaranagar...... :- It was a good experience. Doctor is very professional. Doctor try’s to know root cause, give right medicine. Doctor’s patience and politeness make us comfortable. After taking the treatment my lifestyle has been completely change and I am leaving my life with happiness with full of energy and enthusiasm. She gives good amount of time listen your problem. She is very important quality in my opinion.

    Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju.....Koramangala 5 Block :- It was excellent. She was a good and patient friendly doctor. She did not appear to be in a hurry-on the contrary she took her time to explain the diagnosis tous. Being with her gave us a lot of hope as well as the confidence that we were at the right place with the right doctor. She is very caring and makes patients very comfortable. She was able to explain our questions very well.

    I got these reviews from my neighbours. These people have a very good experience of these doctors.
  • Dr Sandip Deshpande. Malleshwaram 8th main 11th cross junction.
    My friend's review about Dr. Sandip
    I was under treatment with him.. A wonderful person.I was under psychiatric treatment for 5 months... with zero medication. The doctor helped me in getting back my confidence. They prescribe medication depending on the case and it's severity.

  • Please suggest a good Psychiatrist in Bangalore. I need it urgently.
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    Sharing my friend's experience.

    Getting the correct Psychiatrist is important. Who understands your problem.
    My case. 1st psychiatrist says depression. ..puts me on immediate medication. Did not like her....decided to change the doctor. Then went to Dr. Sandeep Deshpande. He met me every week. Asked me to stop medication one at a time... after 2 sitting, it was not depression but health anxiety. So with lots of talking and building up my confidence. me back on my feet.
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