Open heart surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgoan under Dr. R R Kasliwal

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  • sounds like (also my personal experience) the purpose is to "window dress" at Medanta Medicity. Restaurants do "window dressing" by keeping customers inside, sitting on table, by providing SLOW SERVICE. so restaurant looks full. same medanta. many poor patients are just running around from test to test so it looks busy, really faltoo place. faltoo staff. but no recourse in poor cuntry.
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    Dr.RR.Kasliwal is very good person and best cardiologist.
  • @neha-ahuja Please let us know your experience in detail like what procedure or consultation you had and how was the experience.
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  • Hi Manisha,
    Actually my grand mother was suffering from high blood pressure, Uncontrollable Sugar Level and faster heart beat, somebody suggested to consult Dr.R.R.Kasliwal Senior Cardiologist then I went to Medanta hospital, got a chance to speak with the doctor, he explained me about how to kill daily life stress, healthy life style and some tips for heart prevention. I found his advice really helpful and believe me after meeting him half of my worries were gone. Apart from the profession, he indeed is very good person. I am regularly taking my grand mother to him for her treatment as per schedules and gladly my grand mother is recovering really well and enjoying her health life.

    Happy to see my grand mother leading a peaceful life!
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    Does somebody know about CCTA ( Coronary Cardiology Tomography Angiography). If yes then please suggest which hospital and doctor is good for it.
  • Hi concerned
    I would like you to meet Dr ZS Meherwal of Escort Fortis, one of the most experienced doctor for Bypass and other heart diseases. You will be having a very good care for your patient too.
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  • A doctor like RR Kasliwal understands his patient's problem really well. My meeting with him cleared many things about his personality. He is a people's person and indeed very soft spoken as well. My dad, who is a heart patient, faced a serious situation few months back. We all gone through a lot back then when we figured out that blockage in his heart was about 65%. Tough time it was but our search for a good and reliable cardiologist was over when we heard about few success stories of Dr. RR Kasliwal, we assured ourselves about our decision of taking my dad to him and by God's grace, we did not have to repent on this decision. My dad is doing really well now, he is happy. Trust, we are really thankful to Dr. RR Kasliwal for this favour.
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