Checkups during pregnancy at Fortis Hosptial, Noida

My wife used to go to Fortis hospital for routine checkups by gynecologist during her pregnancy. The gynecologist we went to was one of very famous ones in Noida. This is how our visit each time would be like
Waiting for the famous gynecologist to arrive – 45 min to 1 hr
Waiting for your number to come once the doctor came – 15 – 20 min
Actual time spent with the doctor – 1 to 2 min
The famous gynecologist had absolutely no time. Inside her room the entire process was highly optimized; the patient who just entered was first tackled by a junior doctor, then was handed over to an assistant who helped with weight measurement etc and then to the famous doctor. At any given point of time you could expect 2 other patients in the room beside you, who were in different part of the process.
For us, the first time parents, it was too impersonal. We had lot of questions and wanted to get discuss those with the doc but she had no time. Her answer to whatever we managed to ask in the short time we had with her was – 'It's normal'. During the later part of the pregnancy a complication arose for which the famous doc said that operation is the only way out. We had almost made up our mind for the operation (and booked an operation slot at Fortis) but then got to know from our landlady that the same complication can be handled very effectively with medicines.
The option of curing the complication was not even mentioned once by the famous doc and her team. They obviously wanted to perform surgery and add to the top line of the hospital. Although the service had been very poor till this point, but as soon as we were potential customers of surgery we got a call from the doctor's assistant to confirm our surgery appointment!
Have never went to Fortis noida after this experience.


  • We had a similar experience at Fortis Noida, My pregnant wife used to see the famous doctor at Fortis , where doctor used to give her hardly a minute to examine everything then Once due to some reason we missed Doctor's appointment so we decided to meet the famous doctor at her home clinic. When we went to Doctor's home clinic, Doctor was very cordial and spent enough time to answer all our queries. After this incident we became regular visitor at her home clinic.

    Due proximity of hospital to my residence we decided once again to go back to hospital for some regular checkup and when we visited the famous doctor at hospital she recognized us and gave us more time than other patient at hospital . I was totally surprised to see the behavior change.
    Seems it is very common practice at Fortis Hospital Noida doctor wants to convince or encourage the patient to come to their personal clinic than to hospital.
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  • Hi I am too confused which Dr. to choose in noida out of Max, Apollo or Fortis. Can you guyz plz let me know which dr.'s in Fortis you were talking about so that I should not approach them. Thx
  • This was Dr Madhu Srivastava, she is a good doc but super busy and hence has little time for patients.

    You can go through delivery experiences of other people on this link and choose your Dr
  • @Pavitra If you want to go to Fortis noida then you can consider Dr Monica. She is lovely doctor you can read my wife 's delivery experience at this link.
  • Hi, I have had similar experiences in Fortis Gurgaon. I have had 2 m/cs (going through the second one). In both my pregnancies the doctors always seemed rushed after the long wait we had the go through. They would hardly spend 1-2 minutes not even going through the reports properly. Sorry for venting out but really fed up with Fortis.
  • @Ria03 I can understand your anguish. Would be moms need lot of explaining that most of the docs have no time for.
  • Surabhi Johri sits in sector 36 is the best doc in noida. I am telling with my experience , she gives time to her patients , listen there problems and resolve them unlike to other THE best doctors like M.Srivastava who only give max 1 min without even speaking a word.
    I highly recommend S.Johri for any gyne related problems.
  • @gvarshney Hey Thanks for your concern.. This information will surely be helpful for someone..
  • I had all my reports done and was satisfied with the doctor I met. But when I had a consult with Dr.(Col.) Rajeev sood I was satisfied and he is the first doctor who hears the problem patiently and assured me that I am fine and he is always with me. His inputs were really awesome and I will proudly recommend to my friends. He has been a life saver for me. Thanks a lot Dr.(Col.) Rajeev sood from bottom of my heart.
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