Found out the cost of Knee Replacement and Baby Delivery charges at Apollo Noida

Found out cost of some operation at Apollo Noida.
Knee Replacement charges are :
One Knee Replacement ;
Knee replacement charges in Twin Sharing Room will be : 2,50,000. The cost may raise in case you choose single Room and it will be around : 2,72,000-3,00,000

Both knees Replacement:
Both Knee Replacement for twin Sharing room charges will be: 4,50,000.and for single room the cost will raise to: 4,50,000-5,00,000

Baby Delivery Charges are :
In C-sec the cost of delivery in single room will be 1,15,000 and for twin sharing it will around 1,00,000
In case of Normal Delivery for single room charges will be: 80,000 and
for twin sharing the cost will be: 70,000

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