Recurrent Miscarriage specialist Gynaecologist in Pune

Hi Friends, I desperately need your favour. I stay in Pune currently. I had 2 recurrent miscarriages. Both were at 22nd week. 1st time, baby suddenly got separated from placenta and had to abort forcefully. 2nd time, I had PROM at 19th week and I was admitted to Jehangir Hospital under Dr. Vandana Khanijo. But at 22nd week, I had the premature delivery due to urinary infection. So, lost our son again. Can anyone please suggest a good recurrent miscarriage specialist doctor in Pune if you had experience with any of your near one? Please help us.


  • Hi everyone I really need your help,I had two earlly miscarriage and now I am searching a really good gynaecologist in Pune who can understand actual reason behind these miscarriage because I desperately want to know the reason which my Dr smita sha is unable to find thanks in advance....
  • @deepa @shivani
    I am from Pune and have a history of 2 miscarriages wherein there was no heartbeat both the time. I am looking for a gynecologist who is experienced in handling such cases. My age is 34, and trying to conceive but dnt know which doc to show. I have thyroid and high blood glucose. Please suggest doc who can take care of this issues and help in preventing miscarriage for the third time. Please share your experience and help.

    Thank you in advance!
  • Dear @Mandy ... Please contact Dr. Sanjeev khurd... His clinic is somewhere near dagrusesth temple... U can find by google... I am currently out of India... I had delivered my baby in 2016, but in Kolkata... During my 3rd pregnancy, I moved to my parents in Kolkata... But when I was in pune, I was referred to Dr. Sanjeev khurd by one of the famous doc of Kolkata (Dr. Gautam khastgir)... Dr.
    Khurd and his wife both are very helpful... Plz contact him.. Let me know
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    @Mandy...---[ number deleted by moderator---] You can ping me, I will try to help with all possible solutions
  • @deepa Congratulation for your baby. And would like to really thank you that you have come forwarded to help Manydy.

    Request you to please share whatever has worked for you as many people reading this will get the benefit reading real experiences.

    Thanks a lot.
  • @Manisha thanks to you first of all.... I went through lots of blood tests and one pelvic sonography.. The result of Everything was good... So, doc suggested only cervical stitch when I would be completing 15 weeks of pregnancy... Apart from that, I was on medications like aspirin (up to 37 weeks), duphaston (up to 14 weeks), ex hep 40 injection everyday (up to 37 weeks), proluton depot injection (after stitch to 37 weeks) once a week. Iron, calcium, vitamin tablets were with those.. That's it
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  • @deepa @shivani @Mandy @Manisha

    Iam 34 years old.Iam two time pregant but two times abortion.First time naturally missed abortion and second time after 6 months because my placenta was low.How can I prevent for next pregnancy. Please please help and tell me the changes I am suppose to do?
  • Dear @Deepa @shivani @Mandy @Manisha and All

    I had 3 recurrent miscarriage in row in this year 2018 . All in 6_8 weeks pregnancy losses. Please suggest me gynecologist in Pune who is expert in handling such pregnancy complications.. Please help. please

    Thanks in advance
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