What do super husbands and gynecologists have in common?

Having been married for 6 years and having seen a gynecologist for about 10 years I feel that a good gynecologist is as important to a women as a good husband. Surprisingly, some of the traits that are desired in a good gynecologist are the same that women want in a good husband. So what are the common things between a good husband and a good gyne

Being a good listener
Needless to say when women are talking about things that are important to them we want somebody who can listen patiently. When we talk about things that are troubling us a couple of non relevant details, emotions might get thrown in. But both of them should be able to filter out the important bits and consider only that before sharing their opinion. To be a good listener both husbands and gynes should listen, understand, filter and only then give their opinion. Giving opinion is something which may or may not be required from the husband at all times.
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Being good at explaining stuff
Once they understand what is troubling us, both of them should be good at explaining the underlying reasons. Women are not always interested in the technical terminology but we do want to understand it in plain english/hindi/etc. Husbands should demonstrate this skill when they talk about investments, duckworth lewis method etc and gynes should show this trait when they are talking about what is troubling my body. We really appreciate if either of them says that they do not understand our problem rather than given us incorrect advice.

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Both needs to be available on a short notice
We want both of them to be available when we need them. If we have to wait long or book their time weeks in advance that generally makes us unhappy. When we see them they should happy to see us and if they are really not, they should at least pretend so. Also, when we are with either of them we need undivided attention; that means no checking whatsapp, browsing on the phone or talking to their staff.

These are just some of the things that both gynes and husbands can gain by improving upon.
Does this mean having these qualities will make an average husband a super husband? Not really, this is just the beginning of the list for the husbands; however, having these qualities can make a gyne a super doctor. If you have something to add to this list pl drop a comment below.
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