please share your Reviews on Columbia Asia Hospital ,Kharadi,Pune

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I would like to know about the hospital,how is the hospital-their gynaeic section,paediatric sction,ENT,physician,the doctors,the treatment,facilities,rates,etc.

While browsing the net,same across lots of bad reviews on Columbia Asia hospital,bangalore.

Then,another thing i noted is that,all those who commented or shared their experiences(even from other sites like,mentioned that their delivery at comumbia asia hospital,kharadi,pune was C-section.Didint find anyone who said it was normal.Would like to know how much they prefer normal delivery over c-section.


  • My doctor(Bhavna Mangal) did not insist for C-section at all but due to some complication at last time had to go for C-section. it all depends on the condition of your patient.
    I agree that bangalore columbasia is not as good but here you get good doctors.
  • Hey

    I have visited Columbia Asia last Sunday and liked it for facilities more than Jahangir. Main thing was I didn't get that hospital feeling there. Rooms are very good. Only thing I want to be sure is about attending doctors and their availability in case of any emergency. So I wanted some reviews from someone who got delivered there. But could not get much information on that as it is very new hospital. I bet facilities wise I am satisfied. You too please let me know if you find someone who delivered there. I want some personal inputs about doctors and hospital procedures. Who recommended you this
  • I am visiting Dr Madhuri Laha in Columbia Asia
    Initially planned to have delivery in my hometown. But now thinking to do in Pune itself. How is Columbia Asia for delivery? What are rates for normal and c section? How is Dr Madhuri laha for delivery?
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  • Hello @ShwetaC ..

    can you please share your review about Dr Madhuri Burhande Laha?
  • @julz I am also in same dilemna. now in the process of choosing the hospital. You must have delivered by now. which hospital you had chosen finally and how was your experience with the doctor , nurses over there , how was the infant care. will be grateful if you can share the details. How must it costed you over all.

  • @vijaysharma Which hospital you had chosen , would glad if you can also share details.
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  • @Maitri did you finalize your hospital?

    I am still in dilemma, what to choose.
    Columbia Asia Kharadi or cloudnine kalyaninagar. Let me know your hospital and experience.
  • @somedayMomma No I have not finalized yet. I am just 11 week pregnant. But actually as of now I have been consulting a relative who comes to visit every now and then but I want to finalize a hospital where I will deliver and that hospital only I plan to have my gynecologist so that there is no problem in future.

    Which gynecologist you are consulting ?
  • This hospital is the worst hospital I have ever visited. Biggest cheaters and thugs. The doctors are arrogant and are there to loot the people.
    They are not doctors rather business man who want to generate more and more revenues in whatever way they want even if it is not good for patients

    These people are simply looting the hard earned money of innocent people. The simple C-section maternity bill without any risk involved was charged almost 2Lakh INR which is absolutely ridiculous.

    I would say that people should not visit this hospital when there are lot of good hospitals already there in Pune.

    DOCTORS LIKE PRANJALI DESHPANDEY ARE A BLACK SPOT IN THE HOSPITAL. IT IS DUE TO SUCH GREEDY DOCTORS THAT HOSPITAL IS HAVING SUCH A BAD NAME. Such a respected profession is getting bad name due to doctors like this who will play with your emotions and ask you to do unnecessary test which has nothing to do with the treatment so that the revenues of hospital increase.

    It is high time that government should get involved and take some strict actions against such business oriented hospitals and define some good policies to stop this hospital from cheating the innocent patients

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  • @Maitri ..
    How are you doing now? Did you finalize your doc yet? I am consulting Dr Madhuri Laha in Columbia, so far it's all good, no extra tests , nothing. I am traveling from hadapsar to kharadi.. so she herself suggested me to do tests outside in my nearby places instead of doing it in hospital.

    She does replies to me on SMS if anything needed, and shared all her numbers, mail I'd. In case of any emergency.

    @abhishekkhare1982 hello Sir,

    What is your experience? When I enquired about charges and insurance.. I had given estimates which would go to 90k in special deluxe room and c section, same comes to 58 for twin sharing, provided you are staying for 3 days and have c section. Normal would be less than this. Deluxe room per day charges are 6k and twin sharing has 3200, 4 sharing 2200. How come your bill reached 2lacks? Which room you opted?
  • Infrastructure:

    Infrastructure was good.  but door was very bad . if someones open it , it creates lot of noise. even patient bed's wheel was jammed. they were not able to control movement of bed while shifting from operation theater to patient ward.

    Medical Care:

    If you ask for something to nurse then you need to remind again and again until you get. once i asked for milk for new born baby , one of nurse responded me with statement "Yours child is not only child here".

    most important , they forgot the vaccination given on birth time.  after few days there was polio drive , then i inquired hospital whether this has been given to my child. Then i got to know that they forgot to give birth time vaccination.

    If you are going to have your first baby then i wont suggest this hospital because you wont be knowing most of the things and nurses wont care about your new born baby.

    Staff Attitude:

    Few of nurses do not know how to respond to patient.

    Really disappointed.
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