Mother’s Total Knee replacement surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon under Dr. Ashok Rajgopal



  • kindly tell me the total cost of both the knee replacement for my mother (50 years age) and percentage of sucessful operation
  • Manisha said:

    @akhilgupta1986 The cost mentioned above is for one knee replacement ( 2.369 lakh)

    For both knee replacement at Medanta can cost up to 4.5 lakh.

    There is one more thread going on cost for both knee in different hospitals, so sharing the link with you. You can check the cost in other famous hospital as well.

  • Got knee replacement done for my mother in Indian spinal Institute, Vasant Kunj by Dr. Bhushan Nariani.
    We had wonderful experience.
    Top notch care and attitude towards patients.
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  • @pankajbatra‌ thanks for sharing your feedback. Could you pl tell what was the total cost at Indian spinal institute for the operation? Also, it would really benefit all of us if you can share your experience in detail.
  • Hi Saurabh ,My mother has to go for both the knee replacement . What is the cost of total package for this operation at medanta ...Does the package include room cost too ... Kindly guide ...
  • Hi Saurabh, My father has to go for one knee replacement. We have been consulting a doctor in muzzafernagar for the same. Doctor said that after TKR, person cant fold his legs .. like he/she cant sit on floor by folding the legs .. is it true .. ? is ur mom also facing such kind of issues ?
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  • @manviawake Your Dr is right..even my mother is not able to bend her knee completely...which rules out sitting on the floor or using an indian toilet. In my opinion this is a small cost that you need to pay inorder to be able to do other things like walking, climbing stairs etc without any pain.
  • those of you who had recently had knee replacement done please post your reviews. I have heard that success rate is low in knee replacement. specially at old age.
  • I do not have anything of praise for Dr. Ashok Rajgopal after meeting him, But If i have to abuse anyone he will be top on the list. so decided to see some other doctor. Dr. Nagi of Gangaram answered all the questions politely and was nice and gave time to us. But still need second opinion. In the mean time I have come to know about laser knee surgery also and willing to know who all do laser knee surgery in Delhi. any information on this please share.
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  • @saurav2014‌
    Have you decided a Dr for knee replacement..let us know who did you choose and why.
    All the best.
  • my mother is currently hospitalised in medanta fot tkr of both her knees. first we went to fortis memorial huda city center but found that it wasnt on panel of the organisation where i work. so decided to consult dr ashok rajgopal at medanta. the surgeon is so busy that he talks less to patients. all the procedure is elaborated by mr Puneet Puri. current estimated cost at medanta for both knees is 475000.
    the operatio went good and shel be discharged in a day. a total 7 days. 2 days in icu and 5 in room post surgery.
    good experience till now. they asked for two unit blood prior to surgery. i was unable to arrange thus requested the blood bank to provide blood for my mother and well refund it later. they allowed me that i can replace the blood anyday but before discharge of patient. post surgery i found out that blood transfusion wasnt done to my mother. sister said she doesnt require blood as her hb is normal. then they ask for 2 unit blood before operation i wonder?
    however i have donated one unit of blood still they havent transfused it to the patient. looks like some vampire scam is going on in here. anyways im leaving it here cuz donating blood is a part of charity and welafre.
    il post another review few days later when my mother will be getting physio sessions. till then byeeeeee
  • @saifuddin‌
    As I remember Puneet was the one managing patients etc even 3-4 years back. Hope your mother has a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Will be great to read about your experience with the physiotherapist. I think physio sessions are part of the package only?
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  • @Saurabh Shakya @saurav2014 @saifuddin

    Which month is best for both Knees surgery. Some people say Winter is better than Summer for TKR. Anyone compared Medanta vs Primus for this surgery. Which is having better technology. Anyone used CGHS + Insurance for payments to this surgery. All of you please kindly share experience.

  • @Saurabh Shakya...Hi Saurabh, Your posts are really helpful to me. I too am planning knee (both) replacement for my mother. Before visiting this i was not able to know the cost of TKR at medanta however I have a good idea now. I also visited Safdarjung sports injury centre few days back, shall be great if anyone can share his/her experience.
  • @Tausif Thanks for your kind comments. Would be helpful for everyone if you can share your experience too once you are done with TKR.
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  • @Niranjan people say winter is better because chances of infection are slightly lower. Plus the patient is more comfortable at home even if there is a power cut :)
  • @Saurabh Shakya I am also looking for TKR for my mother. She also heard that in rainy reason it should not be done. Is there a reason? If I have 2 separate insurance plans for a person, can I use both for cashless?
  • @jaglanr
    Good to know that my feedback was of some help.
    All the best for your fathers operation. Wishing him a successful operation and a speedy recovery. Feel free to ask any other question and keep sharing your experience.
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  • Review for Dr. Ashok Rajgopal,

    I had a knee surgery in 2010 around June and: 1. I still have pains in the knee that was operated on. Even after following up with him around 6 months after surgery, he told me that time will reduce the pain and nothing can be done at this point. Having done "maximum" number of surgeries does not imply good behavior and success. 2. My family and I found him quite arrogant too. He does not speak like a science representative or medical care professional. When you ask him a question, all he gives you is a ONE worded/ at max a ONE sentence response. He does not give a detailed explanation when you try to get more details. My family consists of medical practitioners who felt disrespected and were surprised to see his demeanor.
  • @Kapil Mittal
    My mother also had pain for about a year and then it improved. Did you visit some other Dr for the knee pain?
  • Hi,

    My mother is 60 years old. She has pain in her joints from quiet some time and recently it has become difficult for her to walk. We are thinking of getting knee replacement surgery for her. We were initially thinking of Fortis hospital, Chandigarh or Apollo from Ludhiana (My family is living in Bathinda, Punjab. So these are the closest options). Then I heard and read about Dr. Ashok Raj Gopal. So can people over here, if they know or heard about it, compare Dr. Ashok Ashok Raj, Medanta, Gurgaon vs Fortis Chandigarh or vs Apollo Ludhiana. Parameters that I want to compare on are: quality of treatment, cost, duration, pre and post surgery appointments/procedures etc etc. So if anyone can help me in this regard that will be really helpful.

    Thanks and BR
    Ashwani Kansal
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  • Hi Saurabh,
    Thank you for being active on the thread. I am sure this thread must be an eye opener for all people looking for knee transplant. Actally, my grandfather is suffering from acute knee pain. He has water on knee (I don't know the technical name) and has been consulting Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor in Indian Spinal Injury Center. He use to pull out all the water through injection and inject some medicines in the knee. This has been going on for 3-4 years now and now the result is absolutely zero. We are thinking for a knee replacement. Just wanted to know if it is safe to go for a knee replacement at the age of 78. I spoke to Mr. Ravi, secratary to Dr. Rajgopal and he said it would be safe.
  • Hi Surya Shankar..glad to be of help. I would suggest to consult Dr Rajgopal to determine if your grandfather can undergo the operation. I think he is available in opd in Delhi and gurgaon.
  • @Niranjan
    Hi Niranjan..can you share your experience and process for using CGHS facility at Medanta for TKR.
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  • Hello Everyone.. Here are some good Orthopaedic Surgeon in Delhi

    Dr. G P Dureja :- Dr Dureja gave me a very patient hearing. An exceedingly high grade professional attitude and treatment. Gracious, courteous and personal attention. He gave me a detailed examination, assessed the pain, listened to the history of the back problems, and advised very safe pain medication.

    Dr. Gurinder Bedi :- The Doctor was a pleasant surprise looking at the rushed responses one often gets at a doctors clinic. He was informative, came across as knowledgeable and thorough. Was not pushing unnecessary tests. Doctor Bedi explained everything patiently with exact cure & remedies. Overall it was a helpful session. Impressed with a doctor in these times doing his job. Doctor Bedi explained everything patiently with exact cure & remedies. I would like to recommend his whole team.

    Dr. Dhruv Bibra :- The experience with the doctor is very good. He is very polite and tries to understand the problem and suggest relevant medication accordingly. The appointment with the doctor started well on time and the doctor listened to every small pain that is there in the body. He doesn't try to give extra medicine only the medicines that are relevant. Just meeting and speaking to Dr Bibra half of your problem is gone. The doctor was quick to do check-up and write-up prescriptions. Doctor gives ample time for discussion and understand what patient has to say. For any ortho related problem, Doctor should be the one to approach .

    Hope it would be helpful to someone
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