Mother’s Total Knee replacement surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon under Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

My mother suffers from acute osteo arthritis in her knee. She was advised total knee replacement by multiple doctors. We decided to get the operation done at Medanta Medicity as some friends have had good experience there for the same operation.

Pros of Medanta

Overall we have had a very positive experience at Medanta. The nurses and doctors are really good and compassionate. My mother was especially impressed with the nurses who took good care of her. She has had multiple surgeries done at different hospitals before but was always dissatisfied by the quality of the nurses.
My mother had earlier had the same operation at Manipal hospital Bangalore for the other knee. The recovery post that operation was very painful and it took a lot of time; she ended up spending about 2 weeks after the operation in the hospital. However, at Medanta not only the recovery was very fast but she also got discharged within 5 days of the operation. Actually she was able to walk few steps with the help of a walker on the 2nd day of the surgery itself. Am not sure whether this happened because of advancement in technology (which seems unlikely since operation at manipal happened only 3 years back) or due to the quality of the doctors.
The hospital in general is very well managed and there is absolutely no detail (like food, attendant stay, entertainment of attendant etc) that they haven’t thought and worked upon.

Cons of Medanta

There is an unsaid/unwritten rule at Medanta that no surgery can happen till a clearance is issued by the financial consultant. You have to deposit the money as mentioned by the consultant before the operation or else the clearance will not be issued. Now the strange part is nobody told us about this. We happened to know about this rule through a relative who had to wait for 3 days after getting admitted for the operation to happen. Financial consultant sits in room no. 3 and you can ask them about the estimated cost and should deposit the same pronto.
Overall, a very positive experience and I would recommend going to medanta if you are looking to get TKR operation done.


  • One of my friends' mother had both the knee got operated at the same time at Medicity only and She also had nice experience and recovery . the only problem my friend faced is similar to what you have mentioned here related to Money deposit. But overall he highly recommends Medicity for Knee Surgery.
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    Physiotherapy Experience Post surgery

    My mother had a 10 days physiotherapy session post her Knee surgery. She recovered very fast with the help of physiotherapist however the only problem was the timings of the physiotherapy session as the physiotherapist was normally very busy so he could hardly reach on time for the session. But yes he has already mentioned this problem at the starting day and used to call if he was getting late so it was ok.
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    My mother got both her knee replaced at Medanta, Gurgaon. The surgery went well and the doctors were also very helpful during the entire treatment. But we faced a lot of trouble on the expenses and administrative front.
    We had been asked to arrange two bottles of blood before the surgery. In short span of time we somehow managed to get two friends to donate blood. However Hospital told that they cannot take their blood as they already have enough O positive blood in Blood Bank. And both my friends had O positive blood group. This incident created a lot chaos. If we would have been told this condition in the beginning we could have avoided this.
    We had received an approximate estimation cost of the package after examination of my mother. Hospital Staff confirmed that the estimate is inclusive of everything like medicine implants etc. However they denied giving this in writing.
    For our surprise bill amount exceeded twenty thousand rupees then the estimated cost. When we reported this issue we were told that my mother needed extra medicine and implants.
    We wondered why hospital team cannot give details of all these procedural issues so that we are ready to tackle them better.
  • @Saurabh Shakya - Can you please tell what was the cost of total knee replacement at Medanta.
  • Total Cost was Rs 236971
    The breakup of this was as follows
    Miscellaneous Charges- 150000
    Consultant Charges - 750
    Pharmacy & Medicine Charges - 86221
  • Dear All, can you please name the Doctor who did the operation
  • @lalit_marwari:
    Knee replacement operation is a lot of work and is generally done by a team of doctors. In my mother's case the main Dr was Dr Rajgopal and his team assisted him in the operation. So on papers the operation has been done by Dr Rajgopal but in reality many of the doctors of his team were involved and the team was managed by Dr Rajgopal.
    Now I am not sure whether Dr Rajgopal was in the operation theater or not. However, he did visit my mother in ICU and in the room after the surgery.
  • Dr Rajgopal is indeed one of the best Doctors for Knee, I would also recommend Dr Jitendra Maheshwari, he is also a renowned Doctor , he treated by brother for a complicated Knee Surgery. Dr Maheshwari is ex AIIMs. Also , in case you have cost constraints you can opt for treatment from Dr Rajgopal at Sehgal Nursing Hone , Kailash Colony , New Delhi.

    One more piece of advise , but brothers Knee Surgery was complicated by Dr JS Arora at Moolchand Hospital , I would recommend no one to consult MoolChand or Dr JS Arora for Orthopedic issues.
  • @saurabh I am considering my mother's knee replacement surgery at Medanta medicity Gurgaon. I want to know how long the patient has to stay in the hospital for the entire procedure? How frequently Post surgery follow up happens?
  • @bhattaraikb My mother got discharged on the 5th day of surgery. So total 5 days stay in the hospital for my mother. Attendant is not allowed to stay with patient as they say that there are chances of infection so they do not allow any attendant after surgery.

    Post surgery first they will call after 15 days to cut the stitches .Then after a month for review.

    Also there was physiotherapy session ( 10 days) happened for my mother after surgery . Physiotherapist used to visit her at home.
  • @Saurabh Brother u mentioned the cost of Knee Replacement surgery. I would like to know this cost for both the knees or one.
  • @Arif The cost mentioned above is for one knee replacement ( 2.369 lakh)

    For both knee replacement at Medanta can cost up to 4.5 lakh.

    There is one more thread going on cost for both knee in different hospitals, so sharing the link with you. You can check the cost in other famous hospital as well.
  • Request someone to tell me what % of overall cost generally gets covered under insurance. I have a 5 lakh medical insurance which says the following about knee replacement - For Bilateral knee replacement with a maximum capping of 2.5 lakh for the knees implanted + the implant cost would be paid on actuals but with an overall maximum limit of 5 lakh.
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    Total Cost was Rs 236971
    The breakup of this was as follows
    Miscellaneous Charges- 150000
    Consultant Charges - 750
    Pharmacy & Medicine Charges - 86221

    However, mine was a corporate insurance and I ended up paying only about Rs 5000. It would be best to get in touch with your insurance company to know about the exact amount that will be covered.

    If you want to know about other details..feel free to post here
  • @saurabh do you know how early can I get appointment with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal ?And how early after first consultation can I get knee surgery of both knees done by Dr. Rajgopal. If patient comes from Lucknow to Gurgaon for surgery then what will be her stay in Gurgaon post surgery?
  • @Upinder1944 - how early you can get an appointment keeps on varying. In my mother's case it was only about 2 weeks, but recently when she came for her regular checkup we got a date which was about 1.5 months later.

    Best would be to get in touch with Dr Rajgopals secretary, his name is Puneet Puri and his mob is 9810590150. His mobile is generally busy so you will need to try multiple times before you are able to talk to him.

    I think you will need to stay for about 15-20 days after the operation before the patient can travel back to Lucknow as there is 10 days of physiotherapy which is done as part of the package.
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    Hi Saurabh, My mother has to go a Knee surgery on 1st week of March 2014 at Medhanta by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal only.I have seen your Total cost which is Rs 2.36 Approx. I have consulted the doctor few days back and they have given the costing of Rs 3.10 Lakh. Could you please speak to me on urgent basis my no. -deleted by moderators-. Else give me your no. so that i can call you.
  • @Lovel_87
    Is this the cost under cashless insurance claim? Generally they have less price for insurance companies that will be applicable to you if you make cashless claim.
    Also, I think costs have slightly increase since Oct 2012, that was when my mom had her operation done.
  • I want to know that which technique for knee replacement is used by doctor shree rajgopal ji . Is it nevigation technique ? Which technique is hsed for operation is it nevigation technique or not ?
  • I want to know that which technique for knee replacement is used by doctor shree rajgopal ji . Is it nevigation technique ? Which technique is hsed for operation is it nevigation technique or not ?
  • Hi Saurabh/Everyone,
    The above info is very helpful. My dad is planned to undergo both knee replacements in a few days.

    I had a few questions/concerns:
    1. How was the overall experience with Dr. Rajgopal?
    2. Whats the complete recovery period - as in, how quickly can he get back to his business?
    3. Is age a factor in this surgery? My dad is 73 and wondering if thats too high an age for this procedure. He's got mild BP and High uric acid.

    Appreciate a quick response and incase possible, if you could leave me your no. OR call me at 8800 nine one 2111 pls.

  • @Sanju
    Overall experience during mom's operation was very good. Dr Rajgopal is very strict but he is very good too. He has specified rules like - attendants cannot stay along with patient in the room post the operation, which seemed harsh to us then but were for the good of the patient. My mom was made to walk a few steps the next day and she was made to climb few stair steps the day after. As compared to her knee operation at Manipal bangalore, she felt far lesser pain post recovery (could be that technology has evolved since)

    My mom was able to walk independently with the help of walker after around 15 days. She travelled by train after around 2 months. She had intermittent pain in the operated part for about a year (which the doc said is normal) .

    My mother was 67 years old when she got this operation done, I think if the patient is in good health it should be fine. But consult the doctor first as he will be best judge.

    Hope this helps. If you have other queries feel free to comment
  • Thx for the quick response, Saurabh; appreciate it.
  • @ Saurabh : Hi, I am sudheer. My mother is suffering from severe knee pain . I will be thankful to you if you provide me some information.

    As you said that you have claimed some insurance , I tried to follow the same to but none of the insurance companies are covering the knee replacement operation. Can you tell me what is the insurance that you are following. As we are economically backward, and I can't afford so much, I am asking you reg. this.

    Can we operate two knees at a time or not?

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    Insurance companies typically do not cover already existing illnesses. Also, for the case of knee replacement, they cover the operation cost only if the operation is done 3-4 years after the policy is started.
    You can read more about how insurance companies handle knee replacement operations here

    In my mother's case it was a group mediclaim policy provided by TCS so there was no hassle in claim settlement.

    You can also post your question on and this guy (Pankaj) will be able to help you better regarding insurance process (

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