Heart Attack emergency treatment at Apollo chennai

edited December 2013 in Chennai Hospital Review
I suffered heart attack on 3rd nov 2012 at 11.30. I went to a nearby hospital. And the doctors over there were kind. But they seemed to have panicked seeing my state. Fortunately instead of panicking with them I decided to stay calm. From the bed I called Apollo hospital ambulance. That picked me up in 40 minutes. The guy who was in the Ambulance was not even a doctor. But the kind of questions he was asking from the doctors of nearby hospital about me and the assurance he gave me was amazing. I was too zonked out to remember his name.

At the emergency room of Apollo hospital. I just submitted myself and told the doctor to take the decisions. And I took the back seat. It was the different experience. I guess it was very important to do this. Most of the people today work with the Google knowledge and this kind of takes the burden out of the doctors because we seem to display more knowledge. Submitting entirely to the Doctor helps. And in a place like Apollo hospital you can be rest assured that you will not be taken for granted. Well I think the process is so meticulous that everything will be cared at Apollo hospital.

But too much care and concern sometimes can wear you out. But in a good way.


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