Looking for Knee Replacement Options in Bangalore


My father needs to go for both knee replacements as suggested by doctors. I am looking for more info in this respect. I got mixed reviews on knee replacement (positive and negative as well).

Also I am looking for recommendations for doctors in Bangalore. I have contacted Dr. Gautam Kodikal (Nova hospital, Kormangala), Dr. Manjunath (Bowring hospital) and Dr. Badrinath Murthy (Columbia Asia Hospital Yeshwantpur). Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated.



  • We did a lot of research before we finalized on getting my mother's knee replacement. We finalized on Apollo Specialty Hospital and Dr. Sanjay Pai's team did a wonderful job. The good thing about this institution is they have a team of doctors which will attend the patient. A team includes Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, General Medicine, Orthopedic, Anesthetist and support staff. The most important part of the surgery is post treatment care. There is physiotherapist named William who is really good. Best of luck!!
  • @MajidKhan Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Can you pl also share what other hospitals and doctors you considered and why you decided against them?
  • @anshuljohri How is father doing now ? Where did you choose to get the operation done ? One my relative who is 62 year old needs this surgery , I have posted my query here ( sharing the link below )....can you please provide answer ...

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  • @Majidkhan can you please share how was the total cost of knee replace surgery there, and how many days you had to stay there?
  • After consulting some of my friends found out some good orthopaedist and here are the reviews about doctors :

    Dr. Shivakumar ( Old Airport Road)

    I have been consulting to Dr. Shivakumar for my mother He is extremely good, donot believe in prescribing medicines unless and until those are necessary and does not unnecessarily take you through a million xrays and scans. He consults in manipal but its better to consult him at amar jyothi CMH road.

    Dr. Sanjay Pai ( Apollo Jayanagar )

    He and his team did a great work. My father got her Knee Replacement done there. They did fantastic care. They have a team of doctors from anaesthetists to a general Physician. If you are planning for both the knee replacement then do it together. It will take less cost.

    Dr. Jitendra G P ( Banergatta Road )

    One should try Dr. Jitendra. Both my parents got operated by him. Some days back my mother went to him for Knee Replacement surgery and now is totally fine. She started walking. Even my father also got operated by him some years back. Our family totally satisfied with him.

    Dr. Thomas ( Chandy Hosmat Hospital Magrath Road )

    My Grandmother had severe knee pain. She was almost on bed from last 6 months. Dr. Thomas is a very good doctor. He gave many options for recovery. He suggest some oil and medicines for temporary relief. and after starting those medicines and oil. She got some relief. She is very happy after coming in touch with him.

    Hope this will be helpful to you.
  • Planning for my mom knee replacement surgery in Bangalore.Could you suggest good surgeon.
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