Please suggest good gynecologist in Noida



  • @Deepali congrats in being a new Mom. You were truly in safe hands. Thanks for sharing
  • Dr. Monica is a marvelous Dr., she is famous for normal delivery and I got mine normal too 6 months back. She will advice you to walk and have a healthy diet.

    Thanks to these internet reviews that we got to know about DR. MONICA MALIK and HEENA MITTAL and now we are parents of a health baby. We are very thankful to Monica Malik.
  • @pratsg please let me know the doctor who has helped you in conceiving. We are married for 3 years and no good news yet . One doctor told us to get the tests doe for both of us and all the tests are normal.

    Please suggest a good gynecologist who can help us conceive naturally.

    @Deepali glad to hear about you. Can doctor Monica help in dealing such cases if you have any idea then please let me know.
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  • Hiii...pls may i know which gynae is better
    Dr manisha arora in max hospital shalimar bagh or Dr sujata bhatt in kailash hospital..
  • Hey @richa_chauhan30 I have been seeing Dr Sujata from last 5 years , I delivered my second baby under her. She is good doctor my friend who had major BP issues has also delivered under her. So I can recommend her

    you can read my other comments ..

    Sorry I do not know the other doctor.
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    Hey friends, Dr. Anju Suryapani. She Senior Consultant at Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute, Noida Sector-11, UP. She is Top Famous gynecologist .
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  • I want to know the best gynecologist in jp hospital. Noida pls help im new to this place near sec110 or mention any best gynecologist in noida
  • Hi Shalini,
    Dr. Jyoti Mishra is the best Gynae in Jaypee hospital. She is very patient, kind, considerate, gives time and doesn't pressurize for a c-section. I delivered under her supervision. She has worked in Apollo, Fortis, LaFemme n most big hospitals.

    She also has a private clinic around sec-137 , near felix hospital. The clinic is in a shopping complex next to Paramount society in Sec 137. You can visit and see for yourself. You will be happy, be assured.

  • Seeing some good reviews over internet and this community we visited Dr Sujata in kailash hospital.
    We visited her as we are planning for a second child, we thought it will be good to be under consultation from beginning(even before conceiving). I suppose this went somehow wrong probably this showed her that ppl are concerned.
    She suggested 12000/- costs Tests. Our first kid is perfectly normal and no past history or trouble during first pregnancy as well. I don't know if there is no complication then what is the need of these tests, Just for screening?
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  • We are trying to conceive from last six months but there is no result.I am very stressed over this now. Can someone please suggest us the best gynecologist in Noida who can help us in this for baby conceiving and later for pregnancy consultation and delivery. Please suggest any expert gynecologist. Thanks.
  • Poonam, I would like to recommend dr. Gauri Devi in Kamla nagar. Couple of my relatives and friends who were facing Challenges were able to conceive.
  • Hi All,
    Can anyone please provide review of Dr Bela Ravikant at Metro Hospital Noida. I am planning to visit her in coming days. Thanks in advance.
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  • Hello

    Need some more information regarding Dr. Anita Sharma. My wife is seeing her for last 5 months for her delivery due in November. Though the doctor seems knowledgeable & profession, she gives very less time to seeing my wife & rarely asks if there is any problem. We ourselves share if we find anything concerning. It could be as doctors find all symptoms normal & during the first two trimesters of pregnancy , they might not be that attentive to any case. But need to know specifically about Dr. Anita, whether she would the so indifferent in the final 2 months as well. Also if some of you can share whether doctor emphasizes on normal delivery or straight away goes for a C section. The information would help us in taking a decision whether to continue with her or not. As we are thinking about taking consultation from Dr. Chitra Setya as well at the same time. Thanks
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    In my knowledge, one of the best gynaecologist in Noida is Dr Pinky Mishra, She is a doctor of ladies, I get to know about her by my friend, she had a PCOD but now she is totally Pcod free because of her medicine and support . And even now my mom goes for the checkup to her.

    If you are looking for a gynaecologist in Delhi, you can prefer Dr. Alka Malhotra .
    She is also the best doctor in delhi. She had an experience of around 29 years.
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