Baby delivery in Apollo Hospital Noida review

My wife delivered a healthy baby girl on 15th of Feb 2013 in Apollo Hospital Noida. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days and the total package cost was 65,000 rupees. We settled our claim through smooth TPA operation. We had overall good experience. The hospital was clean. Staff nurses and doctors attended my wife and baby on time with care. However there was a day when there were lot of new-borns in the hospital and staff nurses were less. That day we had to face some delays on behalf of nurses in baby care. Also would like to mention that the hospital does not have any food canteen. Food is available for attendant from Hospital side but only if you have ordered on time. Also there is no Parking so it was huge challenge as we had lot of visitors for my baby and wife.


  • I also had my delivery in Apollo Hospital, Noida. I agree with all the points mentioned in the above review. Their maids are really good as well along with the nursing staff. They train you properly on how to reduce your weight or how to feed baby. Along with pediatrician and gynecologist, other doctors like physiotherapists also visit you.
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    My sister also had her delivery in Apollo hospital sector 26 Noida. She consulted Dr. Monika Malik for her entire duration of pregnancy. The doctor (skill wise) is very good, although due to a lot of patients rushing in to her, there could be a paucity of time with her; But the overall experience went well.
    The staff was very supportive and claim process was smooth enough too.
  • @divyasharma Please let me know if Dr. Monika Malik visit any other hospital than Apollo in Noida ?
  • I have been consulting Dr. Manorama Singh, Max hospital, noida since last 1 year. I got operated by her for hysterscopy for polyp removal from her becoz they they it creates a problem while conceiving. After the gap of 3 months again consulting her but all in vain. I had approached her after looking at her good reviews on internet and assuming that she is more experienced but now it seems she has gone old enough to have patience and loss of memory. It has been more than a year but still she never recognize us without looking at the papers and always in rush to take more patients instead of solving our problem or clearing our doubts. She never tries to understand that what phase we are going through and only interested in taking more and more patients so that she can earn more money by making fool of innocent people with genuine problems. Moreover the polyp which she treated has again grown up and creating problem for us in conceiving. After spending huge money but no positive result now I am now planning to change my gyne plz suggest good one in noida so that i can conceive soon. Thanks
  • Please try Dr Madhu Srivastav.. She is best in Noida for your problems.. Ashirwad clinic,
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    please suggest good pediatrician in noida
  • @sarahzoe15 there are some threads on which good pediatrician in Noida has been discussed , I am sharing the link with you . As per your location you can choose and if you have any query you can ask on those threads. pediatrician in noida
  • Dr. Monica is a marvelous Dr., she is famous for normal delivery and I got mine normal too 6 months back. She will advice you to walk and have a healthy diet.

    I had a really bad experience with DR. MANORAMA SINGH, she should retire now, she wasted almost 1.5 years of mine and did my hysteroscopy that too unsuccessful. She is waste of money and time. I too will suggest everyone: DO NOT CONSULT DR. MANORAMA SINGH, GREEDY, SELFISH DR.

    Thanks to these internet reviews that we got to know about DR. MONICA MALIK and HEENA MITTAL and now we are parents of a health baby. We are very thankful to Monica Malik.
  • We are looking for a good gynecologist who can help in conceiving.
  • I consulted to Dr. Monika Malik recently. She is totally money minded and looting patient. No more normal delivery. Do not go with earlier comments. She is changed now. Rush of patients have made her arrogant now. This ia the truth.
  • This is so ridiculous how she can do like this with patients, i mean how can she play with others life.
  • @Kumar Gaurav @Geetanjali @Divyasharma @Veerendra @pavitrakhurana @shweta @sarahzoe15 @Vish @PursuitforNormal @RitikaJ
    We are trying to conceive from last six months but there is no result.I am very stressed over this now.Hope you all understand my situation so please help me finding the good gynecologist based on your experience in Noida who can help us in this for baby conceiving and later for pregnancy consultation and delivery. Please suggest any expert gynecologist. Thanks.

    Looking for your help.
  • Me and my wife had same issues, we tried till almost 3 year's, consulted several doctors,but wasn't happening. Then we meet Dr.bhawna Banga and Dr.Anita K sharma, we tried IVF, but failed, then we tried IUI and succeeded the very 1st attempt. So we are happy with them. They are in Max Noida.
  • Hi me and my husband also tried for baby around 2 years but not getting success then we go for IVF in noida sector 63 ScI IFV Center. Experience was very good i got pregnant in first attempt.
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