Looking for the best gynecologist near chinchwad area pune

I am 6 months pregnant and looking for the best gynecologist near chichwad area Pune who is expert in handling complex pregnancies .Please share your experience with doctor to help me make a best choice.


  • One of my friend consults Dr Avinash phadnis ONP Tulip Hospital near Dominos Pizza. She is happy with her doctor and recommends him as an expert in handling complex pregnancy.
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    @vindu Someone in my social circle recommends Dr. Sandeep Bhat 9822310707. She likes her doctor. Doctor has his clinic at Kakade park Chinchwad and he is attached to Birla And ONP hospital. He is very warm and knowledgeable doctor. My friend delivered her twins from him.
  • @Vindu Sharing further my friends delivery experience with Dr Sandeep Bhat at Aditya Birla Hospital.

    "I delivered at Aditya Birla. And my babies position was not favorable for a normal delivery.Yet Dr. Bhat tried a lot but since the water level went down we had to do an emergency c section. Since I delivered on Sunday, the cost went upto 1.5 lacs as birla charges emergency charges for deliveries on weekend and public holidays.Also we had no man power, it was only me and my hubby, we went for my delivery at Birla. Service There is awesome You should just go empty handed. They provide u everything, right from food till baby's clothes.
    The staff at birla is very humble, helpful n prompt. I would suggest, if u are going for Dr. Bhat, get your opds done there as he's very reasonable. He charges as less as 100 rs for consultation + u get personal attention. He is available anytime for a call, even at midnight. He's absoulty not money minded and won't misguide under any circumstance. While getting hospitalized go for birla cause bhat clinic is too mediocre."

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  • Please suggest some good Gynecologist in Chinchwad Pune for Pregnancy Consultation
  • @soni Sharing My friends experience with Chinchwad Doctor.

    Dr. Seema Jain chinchwad : My experience with her has been really fulfilling She was very helpful with her confident words and true guidance which enabled us solve our problem soon and I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to consult her for your problems.

    Dr Beena Kamath in Adiya Birla Memorial Hospital, Chinchwad : My three friends deliver their baby under Dr. Beena. She is really a very good doctor.
  • I am from Pune and have a history of 2 miscarriages wherein there was no heartbeat both the time. I am looking for a gynecologist who is experienced in handling such cases. My age is 34, and trying to conceive but dnt know which doc to show. I have thyroid and high blood glucose. Please suggest doc who can take care of this issues and help in preventing miscarriage for the third time. Please share your experience and help.

    Thank you in advance!
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