Good Pediatrician in Whitefields Bangalore

Wanted to share experiences with pediatricians in Bangalore as well.
We have spent last few years in Bangalore. As most of you are aware, Bangalore is known for good climate – for us but no-so-good for kids. Kids getting infections is pretty common there. Therefore, you need to know a doctor whom you can trust.
We have a good experience with two doctors there – Dr Naramada from Little Angels Clinic in AECS layout near Whitefields/Marathalli and Dr. Gurmeet in RxDx Hospital in Whitefields/Kundalahalli. Both of them are really good.
Dr. Gurmeet visits other hospitals as well, therefore prior-appointments are needed. On weekends, its really tough to get an appointment with her. Dr. Narmada runs her own clinic, but trust me, its always full. Bottom line – you need to have an prior appointments.
I would recommend both these doctors, although I used to prefer Dr Gurmeet than Dr. Narmada. I visited other doctors in Whitefields area, but none of them are as good as Dr. Gurmeet/Dr. Naramada.
Hope this helps.


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    @riteshchauhan I would like to thank you as I was searching a good pediatrician in Bangalore and came across this review of yours. I read this review and started taking our kid to Dr Gurmeet at RxDx and our experience till now is good with this doctor.

    Last time we did not get the appointment of Dr . Gurmeet and went to Dr. Purushotham Reddy there. He did not prescribe any medicine and explain us the situation which I really liked. so I thought of sharing my experience here.
  • Hi,
    I have been going to Dr Purushotham Reddy in RxDx from past 7 months and my experience has been pretty good. It so happened at times that, I had to drop in to RxDx urgently when Dr Purushotham was not available, so had to show to some other doc but could not get that level of confidence and satisfaction.
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  • Recently, our friends recommended us to meet Dr. Roma Johari in Whitefield and we started consulting her. Dr Johari is a very senior doctor and has just shifted to Bangalore. She is very experienced and patient. Both our kids ( 3 and 7 year old) feel comfortable with her. I was prompted to write this post because a week back our little son had convulsions late in the night. Me and my husband got very scared and rushed to meet Dr Roma who saw us at 4 am at her residense. One of our close friend's child had a similar problem last year and when they took their child to a hospital, they were asked to undergo various tests worth Rs 8k. Dr Johari convinced us that the convulsions were because of high fever and gave medicines and monitored our baby personally for 2 days. Our baby is absolutely fine now. The doctor sits at Fortis hospital in Marathalli but when we called her in the middle of the night she asked us to come to her house.
  • +1 Aarti for Dr Roma. I also came to know about Dr. Roma Johri from my friends and have been taking my 3 month old to her. She is a very experienced doctor and very approachable. Other day when we went to see her she was explaining a young mother some baby food recipes for her toddler. I thought that was really sweet. Touchwood, doctor wise we have had good experiences in Bangalore which is different from how things were when we were in Hyderabad.
  • Narayana Multi Speciality is a new hospital I suppose and the doctors are really good. I had gone for a Check up and everything was really well taken care of. I happened to meet Dr Sushant for my son and he actually understood what I had to say and most importantly sat and listened to what I had to say. I think its a boon for people like us.
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  • My friend recommended Dr. Rohit Khandelwal who sits at Apollo cradle marathalli.
    My 2 year son was not having enough growth and I had consulted a lot of pediatricians elsewhere but no one could exactly tell what actually was the problem. When i visited Dr. Rohit , after glancing at my son...he at once told that it was rickets.....and after confirmatory our astonishment came out the same that he had told...What a clinical expertise. n i must mention...that it was initial stage of rickets which he diagnosed without any tests at first.He listened and answered to all my queries to my satisfaction giving ample time. My son received treatment and wow...he is growing up normally. Thanks to him.
  • Thanks for sharing about pediatrician, and also i would recommend Dr. Chaetak A Naik at femiint health in whitefield.
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  • Hi All
    I need suggestions for either a paediatrician specialising in cough and allergies or a homeopathy doctor for 27 month old baby. She seems to have a mild form of asthma, as suggested by a known doctor. However, nothing came up in the blood test and I have been suggested that we should use the preventive Puff kit during changing weather. I am tired of this solution....and looking for long term solution ( if exists any ) open for alternative therapies as well so please suggest. Thanks in advance.
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