Hair loss in women after pregnancy ( Fortis Noida experience)

I have been suffering from hair loss from last six months. Hair falling started when my baby became 3months old. Few people told me that it is very common problem if you are breast feeding your baby.
However for my mental piece I decided to see a doctor. I called Fortis Noida call and enquired if they have Trichologist on their panel. Luckily I got the name of the doctor and took the appointment also.
On the day of appointment I got my billing done and reached to doctor‘s cabin on time and it was a Psychologist cabin. I was surprised to discover that the billing I have done is for psychologist .
I reported this issue to Billing counter but they did not agree. So I called the call center number again and told them that the name of doctor they had given me is of Psychologist and not a Trichologist. After loads of confusion and discussion the call center Agent agreed to his mistake that he somehow thought that Trichologist and Psychologist is same. He then spoke to Billing counter personal and got my money refunded after 2 hours.
I am writing this review so that no one else waste their time looking for Trichologist in Fortis Noida!


  • Please let me know if you know good hair care specialist in Noida
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    I had similar hair problem after my first delivery and I took Biotin tablets. It is like over the counter drug and easily available. At least now less hair is falling however not sure about regrowth. you may also try this! Best of luck.
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    Thanks Gargi. I have also started taking Biotin. Within a week I can feel the difference. I bought this tablet online from I am taking 10 mg per day. Let me know if the dose amount is fine. Also can you please mention brand.
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