Motherhood hospital Bangalore delivery cost and experience.

I would like to know normal/C section cost of Motherhood hospital, Bangalore. If possible please share the overall delivery experience with the hospital and the cost.


  • @Smrithi We have checked the package cost with Motherhood hospital recently last week. For normal delivery it is like 55,000rs to 71,000rs depending on room opted. For instrumental delivery it will be around 60,000 to 78,000. and for c - sec cost will be around 68000 to 90,000 aprox. Sharing the details with you.

    Room Category Normal Instrumental C Section

    Executive Room 55,000 60,000 68,500

    Suite Room 71,000 78,000 90,000

    Btw which doctor you are consulting ?
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  • Hi its dr sushila shetty.
  • Smrithi you can also try Manipal Hospital on Old Airport Road. Many of my friends have had their deliveries there and are satisfied with their facilities.
  • Praveena Shenoi at Cloud Nine ....another dr highly recommended.
  • Hi, any one has visited or visiting Dr Lathika (lotus clinic, indiranagar)
  • @Susmita‌
    Sorry that you couldn't get an answer to your question.
    Did you finally visit Dr [email protected] clinic?
  • How much is the total delivery cost for c section including the room and other charges. Please let me know its very urgent. Also, pl let me know how to book for delivery in Motherhood hospital. Thanks.
  • @Fatima‌
    Looks like you didn't get the answer here. If you have got to know about the cost of c sectio nat Motherhood by share the info here so that other would be moms can benefit.
  • Hi, Wanted to know delivery charges of Mother hood Hospital
  • Hi everyone I am 7weeks pregnant now and I am unable to find a good doctor for my delivery.. I am looking forward for Indira Nagar Motherhood hospital can you please suggest me a good doctor and your experience please need help..
  • I Delivered under Dr Sireesha at Motherhood hosptial Indira Nagar. Overall the experience was very nice and I felt the entire thing was very well executed. The staff was very good and helpful and I also really liked the food served to the patients. They didn't push for Csection and kept me well informed all this while. Some of the other Dr that I heard good feedback there were Dr Kavitha and Dr Lathika. You can try consulting them.
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