Best Gynecologist in Pune for pregnancy consultation and delivery



  • Hello,

    Even i'm looking for good Gyno near hadapsar or magarpatta. If anone knows about anyone, please let me know.
  • I have provided entire details of Dr. Mini Salunkhe. She is good and available in Magarpatta and Kharadi.. You can check my comments here -

  • Dr Mangala Wani is the best high risk obstetrician in Pune. Always makes you feel relaxed and shows the utmost respect to her patients. Wonderful doctor. We are very fortunate to have her. I had complications with my first birth with another doctor. Saw her for my second pregnancy, as i was now considered high risk. All went well.Her clinic is at Model Colony and she is afiliated with different hospitals.
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    Hi All, I am extremely happy to share that I & my wife have blessed with Baby girl on 6th Nov. We consulted Dr. Bhavana Mangal and she is very very good doctor. Initially we consulted approx 5 months with Vaishali chavan(Noble hospital,hadapsar) but problem with her that she personally doesn't entertain properly and always her junior doctors entertain the patients. then some one suggested to consult doctor Bhavna and she always helped during the pregnancy period. she sits on columbia asia hospital, kharadi.
  • @Query Congratulations to you and your wife :). And thanks a lot for sharing your experience here it will really help others looking for a good doctor.

    It would be great if you can also share your delivery experience with Columbia Asia hospital also in terms of overall cost of delivery, nurses care , smoothness of billing , hygiene etc.
  • Thanks ! Columbia Asia, Kharadi is indeed very good hospital. It costs around 85000/- as it was cesarean delivery for single occupancy bed room. we stayed for 4days, billing procedure is smooth and they are very cooperative. Hospital is very hygienic and nursing is good. i will not say nursing staff best as i felt few issues during stay in night shift like lacking of staff in night, but Doctors are really very co-operative.
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  • @Query once again thanks a lot for sharing your baby delivery experience!
  • hi do anybody can help wid good gyne near to wakad area.....
  • @tanu there is one thread going on for wakad gynecologist , Please check and you can post your query there also.
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  • HI @Query and @deepesh...
    ...What is your opinion on Columbia Asia Hospital?We stay at Magarpatta.What about the hospitals or doctors record on conducting normal delivery?Any idea?...Both of have commented on this forum about your experience and for both of you it was c-section...
  • Hi Friends, I desperately need your favour. I stay in Pune currently. I had 2 recurrent miscarriages. Both were at 22nd week. 1st time, baby suddenly got separated from placenta and had to abort forcefully. 2nd time, I had PROM at 19th week and I was admitted to Jehangir Hospital under Dr. Vandana Khanijo. But at 22nd week, I had the premature delivery due to urinary infection. So, lost our son again. Can anyone please suggest a good recurrent miscarriage specialist doctor in Pune if you had experience with any of your near one? Please help us.
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  • Can anyone suggest good gynaecologist near Wagholi or Kharadi. I stay at wagholi. I referred to Dr Manjiri for my first baby and quite satisfied with her behavior/services/checkups. But now it is far from my place (i.e wagholi). So please suggest any such gynaecologist who will be near to my place. I heard that Columbasia also has good staff (doctors). But I dont know whom should I refer. I am looking for experienced doctor who focus on normal delivery (instead of money minded through Cesarean Delivery)
  • I would say go to Dr. Mini Salunkhe.. She is very good and never think of making money until or unless it is needed i.e. tests, check ups etc.. She sits in Express Clinic also in DC, Magarpatta and also in Columbia Asia, Kharadi.. We have got our first baby delivered 8 months back with her consultation only....
  • has anyone heard about vaginimus ? Please suggest a good doctor for it in pune ??
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  • Kindly, suggest me a good gynecologist who can solve my pregnancy problems. I have taken treatment since 4 years. All reports of both are normal. Doctor could not find what was exactly problems....
    Doctor suggested me to go for IVF now. We have spend very much amount in these last 4 years. We are in lower middle class family..

    Waiting for your suggestions.....
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    Based on some social feedback I got some reviews about Doctors.

    Dr. Gupte-----Bhandarkar Road-----I have full trust on Dr. Gupte at Gupte Hopital. He made my delivery very easy, I delivered my daughter as normally. He was just a blessing for me during my delivery. He is a very famous and experienced doctor there.

    Dr.Parag Biniwale-----Apte Road------ That was my first time when I went to him for consultation. and I feel really a very big difference between other doctors and him. Damn good doctor.Always tries for normal delivery. very realistic. I have met for the very first time in my life.

    Dr. Manisha Munemane-----Aundh Pune-----Giving birth to a baby is being a very good feeling. and all it happens just because of Dr. Manisha.A very good Gynecologist I had lots of complications during my pregnancy
    but she always made me comfortable even when she knows about the risks.
    Just because of her my baby is in my hand. Thank you, mam you gave me another life.

    Dr. Mangala wani-----Aundh Pune----When I became pregnant I was very afraid to think whether I will get a good doctor or not. but God has always with me. I Met with Dr. Manisha. She is a very good lady. before meeting her I met some other gynecologist they suggest me to go through some unnecessary test
    before continue the treatment. But Dr. Mangala is totally different she did not do any tests except the necessary one. I am very much satisfied with her.

    Dr. Vinod Bharti----Kharadi Pune-------One of my friend suggest Dr. Bharti for delivery of my wife. and I am very happy to say that we did not do any mistake by going to him. He is very strict about his patient and gave best treatment before and after delivery of my wife.He gave us a beatiful gift of nature. I will recommend him to other also.Did not see such type of doctor yet. `

    These are some reviews of peoples. if you found any one of good doctor then please share.

    May you get a baby in your hands soon..
  • Dr. Suhas Otiv is undoubtedly one of the best gynaecologist in Pune.
    I was suffering from placenta percreta, rarest of rare complications in pregnancy. I consulted almost 7doctors. At last I met Dr. Otiv on my family doctor's recommendation.
    I found him to be calm, composed and confident. He knew all about his job and had a proper plan. Also he was very patient in explaining the scenario to us.
    Finally he executed his plans and I came back home alive with a healthy baby.
    We are truly indebted to him.
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  • @SmitaBrahmachari Congrats on being a mommy. Thanks for sharing your experience, it will help other would me moms in future.

  • Anyone please suggest me a good Gynecologist in Pune near Khadkee for pregnancy consultation and delivery
  • I recommend Dr otiv and Dr Ashish kale
    Though a male doctor he's extremely patient friendly
    Dr Ashish has good results for test tube baby
    I had my ivf with him after trying all famous doctors but he gave me results
    He can be reached on 9371595759
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  • @ash13 Thank you for sharing your experience there. Hope you are doing good.
  • Good gynaecologist near Viman nagar, Vishrantwadi?
  • Also, any reviews for Dr sanjay and Sapna Bumb, Viman nagar?
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  • I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and planning to conceive. We are trying for past 4 months but not successful . can anyone suggest any experienced doctor. I stay in Baner.
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