Best pediatrician in indira nagar Bangalore area

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Hi, Someone please suggest the best pediatrician in Indria Nagar Bangalore for my 2.5 year old baby.


  • @Madhu Dr. Santosh Kumar is the best pediatrician in Indira nagar Bangalore. He is very senior experienced doctor who is very friendly towards kids. He sits in Amar Jyoti Hospital,CMH road. The good thing about him is that he gives ample time for every kid and will never prescribe a medicine if it is not required. Also he answers small queries on phone.
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    @Madhu Based on feedback of people in my social circle , below is the list of some Of the best pediatrician of Indiranagar & nearby areas of Bangalore. You can decide based on your location proximity and your own equation with any of them.

    1. Dr. Karthik Nagesh.........Mother and child clinic opposite ESI hospital signal/Manipal Hospital .................He is very good doctor, He will not prescribe loads of medicines.It is better to see him in his clinic.

    2. Dr. Praveen Venkatgiri ....... Nationwide clinic Indiranagar(evening)/Manipal(morning)..........Dr Praveen explains the situation which calms the parents. Overall very supportive appraoch.

    3.Dr Arvind Shenoy nine old airport road/Private clinic is perinatal at Indra Nagar ....... He is an expert pediatrician , correct diagnosis and very less medicine. Extremely busy doctor so very difficult to get his appointments

    4. Dr. Meena Venkatraman........Cloudnine old airport road... She is an excellent doctor and amazing with replies on email queries

    5. Dr Sanjay Rao......Child Care Clinic(above Titan Showroom, 100 Ft Rd , IndiraNagar).........He is little straight forward so might appear rude but he is good pediatrician.
  • @Anitha Do you know if Dr Santhosh Kumar visits Koramangala?
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  • @vineelac14 We see Dr Santosh in Amarajyothi on Indiranagar. Sorry I am not aure about Kormangala.
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    Hi Dears, I am relatively new to Bangalore. I’m writing today based on pure experience that I’ve had in the past couple of months that I have moved to Bangalore. I haven’t had too much of a warm welcome here simply because my whole family including myself have been bogged down with a chain of illnesses since moving in here (the horrendous weather change and fluctuation seems to be a vital attribute). I found it really difficult to cope with finding medical assistance since I have no near relatives here, and just a couple of friends. I was looking for a dermatologist and a paediatrician specialist near Indiranagar, and -Deleted- gave me an option of the best doctor’s in the area. All of Bangalore’s best. You can book confirmed appointments with these doctors based on their availability.
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    For a second I thought that this a person (@Gaya3) who really wants to help others and has shared link to a useful site that people in bangalore can refer to. But then he posted 2 more posts containing the links to different section of the same site within next 5 minutes (which is a classic behavior of people those who want to just create back links from other sites)
    I was willing to give him/her benefit of doubt for a second but when I read through the posts I could find no details in his post that were of use to others.
    This left me with no other choice but to delete the posts.
    Better luck next time spamming my site.
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  • Hi Anita- can you tell me where does dr. Santosh sits these days? Since he is not visiting amarjyoti hospital since one year. Thanks
  • @habbu

    Hi! I have a new born baby, who is having problems like Jaundice and weight loss. I want to contact Dr, Santhosh. Can you please share where is his clinic now-a-days?

    Thanks in advance
  • @Mukti Dr. Santosh kumar has his clinic next to Axon hospital indranagar.

    How is your baby now ? Wishing him recovery. take care. Do let us know your baby's health.
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  • @Manisha
    Thank you for all the info.Do you have a number for Dr Santosh Kumar's clinic?
  • Dr Santosh used to sit at Amar jyoti clinic in Indiranagar but now he has moved to his own clinic. which is just close to AXN hospital. You can see his board outside. It's white color house.
  • Hi can you please help me with the clinic name of doctor Santhosh Kumar
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  • Hi All
    I need suggestions for either a paediatrician specialising in cough and allergies or a homeopathy doctor for 27 month old baby. She seems to have a mild form of asthma, as suggested by a known doctor. However, nothing came up in the blood test and I have been suggested that we should use the preventive Puff kit during changing weather. I am tired of this solution....and looking for long term solution ( if exists any ) open for alternative therapies as well so please suggest. Thanks in advance.
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