Diabetic Footwear Benefits: Why Use Diabetic Shoes....?

Diabetic footwear is an important part of the diabetics care package. It goes without saying that healthy feet can only be maintained by the choice of the right kind of footwear. A diabetic footwear has to be made under strict guidelines pertaining to a fashion where maximum protection and minimum stress is given to the patient.

Using a diabetic footwear is imperative since it is highly possible for a diabetic to have a wrong feeling about the safety of his/her feet as it is often not a sensible region for them due to peripheral neuropathy. The feet are highly subjected to accidental cuts or bruises, even if you are wearing a normal shoe, an ulcer can happen within a span of a few hours and can remain completely undetected if a person is suffering from diabetes.Diabetologist in vashi .

There are multiple benefits of using the right fitting diabetic footwear:
  • It reduces the risks of developing accidental cuts and bruises on your feet.
  • It eliminates the possibility of developing sore feet which happens often with wrong fitting shoes
  • The custom soles keeps your feet moist and prevents complications rising from dry skin on your feet.
  • It can be adapted to any size as per requirement making it easy for diabetics as neuropathy can bring about sizeable changes to the size of the patient’s feet, often making it hard for them to find the right fitting shoes.
  • Diabetic footwear is mostly tailor-made according to the patients need, which drastically improves the mobility of the patient by reducing the chances of damage.
  • Complications arising from foot injuries can lead until amputation of the limb which can be prevented by wearing the right fitting shoes.
  • Diabetic Footwear can help a lot in reducing the symptoms of PAD (peripheral arterial disease).
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