Sciatia-like mysterious pain consultaion

My wife has severe pain in the leg and symptoms are like Sciatica pain but it is not sciatica. We have consulted several Orthopaedic doctors and gone through diagnosis procedures including MRI. All are normal. But she is yet to get the relief. We are worried about whom to consult. We have even consulted an Internal Medicine doctor in hyderabad and she also gave 'all ok'. We were thinking whether Rheumatologist a good idea?


  • @Hari I also suffered pain in my leg ( it was kind of moving pain) and my doctor asked me to take the CBC , Vitamin B12 ,VitaminD and TSH test. I was finally diagnosed with very low Vitamin B12 . My B12 was 70 whereas the normal range is between (300 to 900). So I was on injection plus oral supplements for Vitamin B12 . Its more than 2 months now and I feel 80% recovered. So you can try getting her Vitamin B12 Checked.
    Oh forgot to mention I had low Vitamin D as well so was on supplement for that also.
    Hope this information will help you in some way.
  • Hi, That Internal Medicine doctor too suggested same after several tests though other doctors said, it is very common that in India, people have low B12 and Vitamin D. Anyway, my wife too fours shots of Renerve Plus injection for B12 for a month and she actually got relief. After that doctor suggested monthly once. She is taking but the pain is still there.
  • @ Hari what is your wife's uric acid level ? I am asking this as I had elevated uric acid and due to that unbearable pain in leg.
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  • I dont know abt it but the culture test report is this:

  • @Hari Yes you are right B12 deficiency is very common in India and I think this is because most of us are pure vegetarian and B12 is available in mostly Non veg or dairy products.
    If your wife is taking shots and then I will ask you to have some patience as in my case I also was not feeling that good after one month. there was improvement but not that significant. But yes now its more than 2 months I definitely feel better. Ask your wife to take proper rest and keep taking the supplements. It takes time to heal.
  • It has been more than six months. She took weekly shots for almost 7 weeks. Got better. Monthly shots for 2-3 months. No improvement now. It is back to how it was. She is taking complete rest and many precautions are in place. We too vegetarians and hence vitamins issues.
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  • @Hari Above report which you have shared does not have " Uric Acid". If test has not been done . Then you can get this test done. This could be major cause for Pain. But I am sure ortho doctor must have asked this test?

    Also I would like to know if your wife is a new mother? As due to certain Hormones after pregnancy causes all these kind of issues.
  • @Romsha , we have three year old kid (first kid). She used to have back-pain after pregnancy but this is a different eg pain at several places (lower hip, thighs). This leg pain she is getting from past 10 months. Ortho too conducted several tests which I am sure includes uric acid. But I do not have reports handy!
  • @Abhisri and @Romsha , we feel it is somewhat miscellaneous problem and may not be possible to detect easily. The final diagnosis of ortho is that it is a Fibromyalgia- some muscles related problem for which there is no proper medication. We are thinking of consulting some more doctors. Please suggest! Wife is worried that sometimes even not able to stand!
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  • edited October 2013
    @ Hari

    One of my engineering college alumni has suggested that Apollo Hyderabad has a great orthopedic doctor name Dr. K J Reddy . He is Sania mirza knee doc. Specialized in knee surgeries and replacements. He did Knee surgery for my college alumni when he broke his knee cap.
  • @Hari Kumar Voruganti how is your wife doing now and have you found any good treatment ? I am having same issue from last 6 months , xray , blood test all other reports are normal . not sure what is the problem what needs to be fixed .which doctor will take care of this some one tole me that it could be fibromyalgia so I am looking for a permanent help. feeling frustrated with all the pain.

    Please help. I am 32 year old mother of a young kid, Taking care of young toddler is very difficult with this kind of pain , specially in my left leg side lower part of body.
  • @vihana I am sailing in the same boat . How is your pain now ? What have you done?

    @Hari Kumar Voruganti what is your experience.

    Doctors are saying that I have a disc bulge..and suggesting me for the operation and I do not want to go for that.

    Looking for home remedy or may be ayurvedic or homeopathic remedy.
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  • @shim28 i just checked your query . For how long have you been suffering from ?

    Something which has worked for me I can tell you. Actually a friend of mine who is an Ayurvedic doctor told me that most of these issues are due to two factors. primarily it is due to bad posture secondly It is due digestion. Both these factors affect the spine and then spine has certain nervous and then there would be pain due to that pinching nerves.

    He has told me to basically deal with these two things. First I am trying to correct my posture ( I have joined Yoga ) and second is food. He asked me to have vegetable soup in the night and I should take that before 7 :00 PM. Additionally he has asked me watch my eating habits means no food which creates gas and bloating. As all these organs are near to the spine and they create pressure on the spine.

    I am following all this from last 6 weeks and I can say that I am almost 90% cured.
    Why I am saying 90% as sometimes if I am not taking care of the posture the pain starts but definitely it has improved a lot. hope this helps you.

    Take care.

  • @vihana Its more than 3 months for me now.

    Your remedy seems quite doable I would surely follow this. Even I have a posture issue . I am planning for physiotherapy for current pain.
    I will try sure veg soup for dinner. Taking at 7 PM would be early for me but I will try. hope i heal soon!
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