Best Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

When a root canal treatment is done by a qualified dentist one does not have to worry about the pain or the results. For the Best Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon, one can visit Dr. Aneesh Katyal at AK Global Dent. Before we get into the details of the treatment, let’s understand what does root canal actually mean.

So, a root canal is a natural cavity present at the centre of the tooth. The canal contains the pulp chamber. It provides essential nutrients and nerve supply to the tooth. When there is an opening in the tooth cavity, it creates a room for bacteria where bacteria can multiply. If one doesn't treat this, it causes infection leading to severe pain, discomfort, swelling, pus, etc. The infection eventually spreads in the adjacent tissues or areas. 

The procedure of a root canal treatment involves removing the content present in the canal cavity, cleaning and sealing the infected area within the tooth. Thus, Root Canal Treatment also known as RCT is a procedure for treating and saving the badly decayed or infected tooth. After the removal of the content in the canal cavity and filling with gutta-percha, a dental crown or a cap helps in strengthening and protecting the tooth from further damage. The tooth that is treated by root canal procedure becomes brittle as it no longer receives nourishment from within. Hence, wearing a dental crown or a cap is important.

Symptoms associated with root canal treatment
• Observing pain while biting or chewing
• Swelling of gums at the infected or decayed tooth
• Pus coming out from the infected or decayed tooth

Finding such symptoms? Get treated at the renowned dental clinic called AK Global Dent.
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