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Diwali the festival of lights is here. It’s also the time when food is in abundance especially sweets and offered to all. So with the wealth of rich food available it can be very taxing time for a diabetic to keep his blood sugar in control. A maximum number of diabetics come with haywire blood sugars post Diwali.

So for those of us whom will power does not come easily here are some tips for enjoying sensible eating at Diwali.

Commit yourself to a food plan. It is very easy to get carried away by what is on the table .To reduce this from happening plan how much you intend to eat and what to eat and make a point sticking to the meal plan. Keep to your routine meals as much as possible as it will prevent unnecessary snacking. Avoid feeling hungry for long. When you are hungry you tend to over eat. One way to avoid being ravenous is to break the delay. Protein and non starchy vegetables based premeal snacks are a good choice as they are filling and slowly broken down.

Have a glass of water before eating, it’s a very effective way of reducing your food intake and reduces appetite.
Have food in a small plate. It gives a fuller look with less amount of food. Again base your meals with non starchy vegetables .Make sure vegetables account for a good portion of your plate.

Eat gradually and slowly. Eating with family is a nice occasion but if you are a fast eater it can make you tempted for additional helpings and adding to your overall calorie intake.

Don’t feel guilty or shy about turning offers down. Any food you eat is going to end in your blood and so don’t feel shy about turning food down especially the sweet ones.
Go very easy on the sweets. One can be forgiven for indulging every once in a while. So if you cannot resist the sweet, keep the serving small and sensible. Once again apply the rule about eating gradually.Diabetologist in Navi Mumbai
If temptation is too much to have a sweet dish, try fresh fruits. Fresh fruit mixed with yoghurt and frozen can be a good replacement for the Rabidi or Jalebi or ice cream. Try using sugar free sweeteners in a limited amount in your sweets but remember every thing has calories and just because you have used artificial sweeteners does not give you the liberty to have unlimited amounts.

After and between meals put food under cover. Food that is exposed grabs the eye tempting to small unwanted indulgency .Apply the rule out of sight is out of mind.

Try to increase your physical activity as this is a good way of utilizing those extra calories that you may have indulged in.
Remember to take your medications .With family and friends around and the excitement of festival should not make you miss your insulin shot or regular medications.

Continue regular checking of your blood sugars to make you aware of your indulgences,
Finally Diwali is not just about sweets, it’s about family and friends. Enjoy your time with family doing things that you love the best.

Have a happy and safe Diwali…………….Sweet Clinics
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