Hip Replacement in India

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My name is Amy and I live in California, USA. My mother had an accident few years ago and since than she has been suffering from pain in her hip. She has been advised hip replacement by doctors here. I got to know from a friend that this operation can be done quite cheap in India, as my mother has no insurance here. Can you please let me know what are the good cities and hospitals for getting hip replacement done in India. I am open to cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore.


  • Hi,

    My brother's hip joint was completely decayed by decade long arthritis. The hip replacement was done by Dr. Brijesh Kaushal and his team in Fortis Noida. It has been 3 years and my brother is doing well. Dr Kaushal and his team handled it very well.

    Nitin Nigam
  • AmyAmy
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    @nitinrajnigam Many thanks. Would be nice if you can tell me few more things like.....
    What was the cost of replacement at Fortis Noida? And how frequent your brother visit the hospital for post surgery follow ups? For how long you had to stay in the hospital during surgery? How is the basic hygiene of the hospital?
  • Hi Amy, It happened 3 years back and cost around 2.5 Lakh.
    Doctor had recommended weekly follow ups for a month. After that he was able to consult the doc on phone and update him on progress. There were no un-planned followups needed.
    He was kept in hospital for a week. Hygiene was absolutely top notch.
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