How we at Sweet Clinic saved a patient form a heart attack..!!

We had a 45 year old female patient who was diabetic with a high blood pressure but no cardiac history. She was on typical medication for controlling her diabetes and high blood pressure. She even did her regular medical check-ups. Nonetheless, in one of her regular diabetic check-ups she mentioned of breathlessness. Our Diabetologist; Dr. Vinod Methil, who is quite pedantic when it comes to such symptoms in his patients, immediately asked her to do a heart rate variability test (We being the only clinic in Navi Mumbai to offer such a test). The test result suggest that she might have Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN)a frequent but underdiagnosed complication of Diabetes.Diabetologists in Vashi Following which she was referred to a heart specialist for an angiography. During angiography a heart block was identified and needed a stent to remove the block. This prompt action saved her form a potential heart attack and helped save her life too. All thanks to Dr. Methil and his team at Sweet clinics.
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