Suggest a good homeopathic doctor for Hairfall in Noida

Suggest a good homeopathic doctor for Hair fall in Noida.
Has anyone tried Dr. Batra for hair fall . Please give me the review.


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    After a long time I am coming here , I have tried many options for hair fall Homeopathic , Ayurveda and Allopathic but nothing works. Still over the period of time I have realized that hair fall and skin conditions are the result of the nutrition and stress management . So I am happy to share my home remedy for hair fall and the good skin recipe . With the help of this regime I am able to arrest the hair fall also hair graying seems in control . I can also see new hair growth. Overall I am happy ( May be this happiness is also adding up for overall stress management and giving me good results)

    1. Please have vegetable juice in the morning.You can create variation . I am giving few eg:
    1 Carrot+1inch Beetroot+ 1 skin peeled Tomato+1 Amala ( Inidan gooseberry)

    1 Carrot +few leaves of Spinach ( Palak) + 1 Skin peeled tomato + 1 Amala + few lemon juice drops

    1 Carrot+ bunch of coriander leaves+ 1 Amala+ 1/2 inch beetroot+1/2 inch zinger

    It is good to have vegetable juice, you can add black salt to taste. remember to have this first thing in the morning.
    Carrot , tomato , amala, beetroot are really good for hair growth .
    Sometime if you are ok. you can add onions also. They are just two too for hair because of its sulphur content.

    Apart from this nutrition . Please include

    - Some form of excercise . You can try Yoga also that is good for the hair growth.
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