Goral Gandhi IVF clinic in mumbai

Being a late starter in planning a family I had to face the repercussions. I could not conceive since the last 4 years and with age the fertility problems increase. Consulted some of the best doctors in delhi, but results achieved were not satisfactory. After all this struggle through these years, I went to my sister's place in mumbai. She took me for a consult to Indo Nippon clinic, one of the best fertility clinics in the area. I went through a number of tests before starting with my In-Vitro. Then I met embryologist, Goral Gandhi at this IVF clinic and she explained me the next steps in this journey from selection of best embryos to the final embryo implantation.

All thanks to her for the efforts and strength she gave me, now I am 7 months pregnant and hoping to become a mother soon.


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