Goral Gandhi IVF clinic in mumbai

Being a late starter in planning a family I had to face the repercussions. I could not conceive since the last 4 years and with age the fertility problems increase. Consulted some of the best doctors in delhi, but results achieved were not satisfactory. After all this struggle through these years, I went to my sister's place in mumbai. She took me for a consult to Indo Nippon clinic, one of the best fertility clinics in the area. I went through a number of tests before starting with my In-Vitro. Then I met embryologist, Goral Gandhi at this IVF clinic and she explained me the next steps in this journey from selection of best embryos to the final embryo implantation.

All thanks to her for the efforts and strength she gave me, now I am 7 months pregnant and hoping to become a mother soon.


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    Even I went to this clinic a few years back as my sister was to undergo an embryo tranfer,<> Goral Gandhi IVF consultant was the lead embryologist at that time. Goral Gandhi is currently serving as the laboratory director of Indo Nippon IVF Clinic in Mumbai India which was founded by her in the year 2017 using her extensive knowledge and research in the field of reproductive techniques.
  • Goral Gandhi is the IVF consultant and embryologist with over 20 years of expertise in assisted reproduction and embryology. I came to know more about her when I visited Dr Goral Gandhi with my cousin who was planning for egg preservation. My cousin wanted to plan a pregnancy at a later stage in life so egg freezing was the most appropriate for her. Goral Gandhi is the head of Indo Nippon IVF clinic and also the laboratory director. Her procedures went well and she succeeded in preserving her eggs.
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    Last month I visited this fertility clinic in mumbai and their I met the team of doctors who were to explain me the the entire embryo transfer procedure before starting with the procedures. Dr Goral Gandhi the lead embryologist was to guide me through my journey and initiate the embryo transfer. I still remember my procedures began on a monday morning and went good.
    >Goral Gandhi and team achieved the desired results and finally the embryo implantation was completed. It has been a month now and my health has not suffered at all, I've heard many people that assisted reproduction would affect their health.
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  • Embryologist Goral Gandhi who is also the laboratory director at Indo Nippon IVF clinic is not only renowned for her medical assistance in assisted reproduction but she has been training embryologists by giving workshops not only in India but other countries as well. I had attended Goral Gandhi's training workshop last year which was very informative. And I have again booked my seat for her upcoming workshop in November in mumbai.
  • Goral Gandhi IVF consultant and embryologist in mumbai is one of the best doctors I have consulted in my life. She is the one who helped me in cryo-preservation of my eggs and that allowed me to achieve my goal in life. Now I am very satisfied with my professional life and soon going to visit Dr Goral Gandhi to start my parenting journey.
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    I fully agree with Rishika. Efforts put by Goral Gandhi IVF consultant to help her patients are really very appreciable. It is only because of her that I am mother today. Me and my husband were really shattered when we were struggling to have a baby. Her concern and efforts for patients is something which makes her the best embryologist and IVF consultant in India,
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  • I too was going through the dark phase of my life and was not able to conceive. I consulted Goral Gandhi for the treatment of the same. She was too much concerned for me.I conceived successfully because of her efforts and experience in IVF. Me and my husband are enjoying parenthood because of her and living a happy life.
  • I think every embryologist should be recognized and these consultants bring colours in the life of many couples who loose all hopes to have a child. Their efforts is something remarkable and which should be really appreciated.
  • What are the appointment timings at Indo Nippon IVF clinic ?
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