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  • Hello All,
    We are planning to have a baby and stay in HSR. Anyone know of a good doctor for consultation and for delivery in this area specially for normal delivery. We are new to Bangalore so are struggling to find a reliable doctor. Please suggest
  • Hi I live near indiranagar and I have recently moved to Bangalore. I am looking for a good gynecologist. I had multiple miscarriages and looking for really a good doctor who can help me. Any help would be most appreciated. I am open to looking at mg road, indiranagar area, frazer town and , kamanahalli as well.
  • please suggest a good gynecologist preferablly closer to the ulsoor frazer town Bangalore
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  • @uday Dr. Indira Rao at frazer town is a good gyne. one of my friend had delivered her baby over there.
  • Hi. ..I had trouble in conceiving...after trying for 5..6 months. ..I got referred to Dr. UZMA TAHER,Nisa Clinic.
    Dr. UZMA can be good gyna but she is not fertility expert.
    she for 6 months and every month it use to cost 10k least along with lot of stress.
    I was quite depressed and frustrated as well as those injections used to affect my hormones.
    Finally I decided to give a gap to myself and get some.mental rest and forget abt it for sometine. ..
    I finally went to an actual infertility expert in fortis...I was diagnosed with Uterus TB.
    My treatment went for 4 months and win God's grace I conceived and delivered normally.
    I suggest everyone to trust God and give yourself time as well.
  • @tabs You are very right, sometimes it is just best to give yourself a break and not think about it too much. I have myself tried this and it really works.
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  • Hi guys ,I am married by 3 years now I had one miscarriage in 2ND Year after that I got to know I have thyroid and I am under medication ,but now past a year we are trying for baby but it’s not happening ,I have visited vidyamani from latha venkatraman but it dint help me can you please suggest any good doctor ,who can help me
  • @malini You didnot mention the location. But as per my understanding you may be searching for Jayanagar.
    For Jayanagar You can consult to Dr. Leela Bhagwan.A very good doctor. Some of my friend delivered their baby by her. I heard a lot about her. you can go there. hope she will help you.
    and if you want to know doctors at another location you can visit these threads:

    Hope it would be helpful to you..

  • sorry for not mentioning the area details i am based out of BSK 3rd stage ,kathriguppe ,can you let me know which hospital Leela bhagwan visits and did she treated any case like me
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    @malini , please consult Dr.Anita K Mohan if your are looking in southern Bangalore. She works in Fortis Hospital Bhannergatta Road. She s one of the best doctor we can say as she helped my wife Sindhuja during her pregnancy and delivery. We had very good experience with her.

    You can also consult Dr. Anu Sridhar from the same hosptal, we heard good feedback for her from friends.
  • thanks a lot sree and nirvi ,i shall visit them once after that its left to god :-(
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    @malini Please donot be sorry.. She visit Cloud Nine Hospital and The Bangalore Hospital. and If I got to know anything else about her will let you know for sure.
    I will wait for your response.
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  • Hi, I would like to know the best reasonable hospital & Gynaec for Delivery as Cloud nine & Motherhood is out of our Budget Close to Indira Nagar. Please Suggest.
  • @chaitra You may refer to Dr. Hemanandini or Dr. Gayathti Karthik. They both are very good doctors at Indiranagar.
    You may also refer to some threads to know more about doctors here.

    Hope you got your best doctor soon.

  • Hi,
    I am expecting a baby and looking for a good gynecologist.
    Can anyone suggest a good Gynecologist doctor in Bangalore near to Kasturi Nagar Area.

    Please suggest.
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  • I got married in December 2014. But I am not getting pregnant. which gynecologist is better for these?
  • I am 2nd month pregnant now...Can I know a good hospital in Whitefield who gives a good treatment..This is my 2nd pregnancy...please suggest
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    @harika @reddy I am sharing reviews of my friend about Gynecologist:

    Dr. Latha Venkatram at Basavanagudi : Please consult Dr. Latha venkatram in Rangadore memorial hospital. She is very good with a great team. very calm and with lots of unnecessary tests or medicines..Not at all a money minded person. I am confident because of my experience. .Have a healthy pregnancy. ..

    Dr. Jaya Bhatt at Koramangla 5 Block: check out Nova Koramangala (now Apollo spectra) . I find them good. I was seeing Jaya Bhatt there. I have thyroid/hypertension (not preg induced)/PCOD. however, i was on thyrox 25 (it was within the limits, don't rememeber the exact value). advised to take metformin for first trimester for insulin resistance.

    Dr.Brinda Chanappa at Cloud Nine : Dr.Brinda Chanappa at cloud 9 of very good, she was very strict in maintaining the tsh level near 2 during the first trimester itself.. And later on she never hesitated in taking seconds opinion from an end m endocrinologist to maintain the levels till the end.. And for food also she was very practical and always emphasized in eating naturally than on some additional nutrients..very satisfied with her.

    Dr Leela Bhagavan at Cloudnine Hospital Jayanagar 3 Block : I had consulted Dr Leela Bhagavan during my pregnancy 7 yrs back when she was not with cloud nine.. I wanted her to prescribe some protein powder , and the doctor told me take some fruits if you can't cook .. She has never prescribed anything unnecessary. And one early scan also I insisted her to do as I was nervous which she has not prescribed and told not necessary but asked to do if it helps relive my tension..I believe her and she never made me scared even I had fibroid and was very scared of it.. But doctor had been so comfort to me and after each visit I have got a great relief.. She has never prescribed me any unwanted medicine .. When my bp and sugar was lil bit on higher side towards 7th month , she has adviced to control diet .. I am surprised to hear this now.. Visiting Dr. Leela bhagwan was great relief

    These are my friends reviews about doctors at Bangalore. Although you may also visit to another threads of this forum to find more options.
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  • Hi,can anybody tell me delivery packages in motherhood hospital ...some people are telling its very expensive ...Can you please help me
  • While surfing internet I have found this forum. Then Thought to help people. I consult some of my friends about Doctors and Found about lots of Gynecologist. So I am sharing their reviews about Gyne. Based on them you can find the best

    Dr. Prabha at Sakra Hospital : Dr. Prabha at Sakra Hospital is the best Gynecologist. I was very upset because am a Lupus Patient, very high risk of Pregnancy, She handled my case very well and I have a healthy baby boy. All the very Best

    Dr. Jyotsana Madan at Jayanagar 9 Block... She is simply adorable... Would not get tired answering a hundred of silly questions.. I. am seeing her from past three years I had a normal delivery by Dr. Jyotsana. She was always very polite with me.. Highly satisfied with her...!

    Dr Radha s Rao at JP Nagar : She has a separate clinic at JP nagar Janani clinic and charges only 250 she is really very good , very patient..listening and understanding us... down to earth person......I feels very much comfort with her. I always went to her for consultation.

    Dr. Anuradha : Cloud 9 is really good. Their malleswaram centre, where I delivered was much cheaper. Went to Dr. Anuradha and she is excellent. My delivery was with epidural and was a fantastic experience. Consultation there is Rs. 400. and the final bill for deliver was easily lesser by about 20k when compared to a friend

  • Any best lady doctor for Gynecologist near by sunkadakatte/ Prasanna Layout ?
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  • You can visit Sunkadakatte Sri Lakshmi Multispeciality Hospital where you get Dr.BHAVNA wonderful gyne very good women provide u all the guidance.
  • Hi,
    I am 2.5 months pregnant and shifted my home in whitefield, please suggest me a good Gynecologist in whitefield and which hospital.

    Thank you
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    @Madhura Dr Kavitha Reddy , Dr Garima Jain , Dr. Kavitha Kovi,Columbia asia, Whitefield are some good gynecologist . You can find more details and other doctors in that area on this link . You can choose the doctor based on your location proximity.

    Best of luck for your pregnancy journey ahead :smile:
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  • Hi ..I am pregnant and planning to visit Ninth Month or Cloud nine in Sakar nagar . Can anyone suggest which doctor to consult ?
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