Best gynecologist in Bangalore for pregnancy consultation

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I am new to Bangalore. Looking for the best gynecologist for pregnancy consultation and best hospital for baby delivery.Please recommend the doctor and share the experience.

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    Based on my social circle feedback , here is the list of few good gynecologist in Bangalore and what is good about them. Based on these reviews you can try any of these doctors based on your location proximity.

    1. Dr Prathima Reddy .............Mallya hospital Bangalore............Doctor who is very practical and thinks that a woman is only pregnant and not a patient.She doesn't unnecessarily write for tests and scans unless absolutely necessarily. She insists on Normal Delivery. No Sugar coated talks.

    2. Dr Gayathri Kamath........Fortis Hospitals, Banerghatta Road/Prabha clinic, Banashankari...........................................................Dr Gayathri Kamath is a wonderful lady who makes you feel super excited through the journey of pregnancy.Very experience doctor.

    Read one more review of Dr. Gayathri Kamath

    3. Dr Jaya Bhat..................Cloudnine old airport road.......... I used to see Dr. Jaya Bhat at cloudnine. She advises no unnecessary medicines. She will give you confidence. She is immensely experienced doctor . She handled lots of pre-pregnancy ailments with ease. She tries best to give a normal delivery. My delivery cost was around 70,000 rs at cloud nine. which I covered through my insurance.

    4. Dr Devika Gunasheela & Team..................Gunasheela hospital ......................They have a team, headed by Dr Devika Gunasheela. Her team in well trained, well coordinated, and well behaved as well. Their notes( patient file) is understandable to not only to docs and nurses, but to also with anyone with good science knowledge. A really good hospital for any gynecologist issue in Bangalore.

    Best Gynecologist in Silkborad & HSR layout Bangalore

    Good gynecologist near Madiwala BTM, Silk board area in Bangalore

    Good Gynecologist in Marathalli area Bangalore

    Obgyn case, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

    5. Dr Mamtha Reddy.............Apollo,Cradle Kormangala........A known doctor for normal deliveries .She always try for normal delivery.

    6.Dr Vidya Desai......Cloud nine airport road/ Clinic in domlur//Manipal Hospital..........Dr Vidya is a very straight forward doctor. She knows exactly the course of action. She answers phone and even replied me on sms. She focuses on normal delivery. I wanted c - sec but finally she made delivery normally.

    Read reviews about Dr Praveena Shenoi, Gynecologist in Bangalore

    7. Dr Manjula Shivsankar .........Manipal Hospital /Clinic in indira nagar........Dr Manjula is a very Straight forward doctor . She patiently answers all you queries. I preferred her home clinic as Manipal is mostly crowded.

    Read One more review of Dr Manjula at Manipal Hospital, Gynecologist in Bangalore

    8.Dr. Uzma Taher..................Nisa Clinic/ Fortis........She is a reputed gynecologist in Btm Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore area. She also visits Fortis. She is an infertility expert doctor. She is not in hurry and even can spend 20 - 30 mins with a patient if she has issues. She explains everything. You should take an appointment before you go.

    9.Dr. Suman Singh.........BTM 2nd stage/ Cloud9/ Sagar Apollo hospital......As per freind she is too good doctor and she has been consulting her since 5yrs now. She is calm and composed which reflects in her dealing with patients.

    10. Dr. Sita Rajan ......Mallya Hospital ..............A good doctor who is very friendly and helpful throughout the pregnancy journey.

    Read reviews about Dr Sita Rajan, Gynecologist in Bangalore

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  • I had a baby on 29th Dec 2013 at Fortis, Bannarghata Road, Bangalore.
    I was consulting Dr. Gayathri Kamath.

    Dr. Anita K Mohan took the responsibility of delivering the baby.
    On a Sunday, though it was a holiday, Dr Anita was quick to arrive at the hospital as soon as she was informed. She kept on guiding the other junior doctors over phone till she arrived.

    Me and my husband found both the doctors amazing. They are cool headed, very very supportive, quite knowledgeable. We had wanted a normal delivery, and Dr. Anita got it done. Prior to Dr. Anita, I had consulted many other doctors at many other so-called-reputed hospitals, but I found her to be the best.

    Both the doctors provide personal touch to the patients, they respond to emails, answer queries
  • Dr.Garma Jain is the best gynecologists i have seen.She consults in Narayana Hrudayala now(When i was pregnant , she was consulting in VIMS hospital). We relocated to bangalore when i was 3 months pregnant. We visited couple of gynecologists initally and totally unsatisfied. My husband's friend suggested Dr.Garima and we visited her. A doctor who listen to you is the best part of their profession. She listens to all your concerns even they know that these are the comon issues during the pregnancy. The other gynecs which i saw were behind money and try to consult as many number of patients per day. they are not ready to listen to your concerns and whatever we tell , they just tell these and all very common during pregnancy.
    I had complication at my 6th month and i should thank dr.Garima for holding my pregnancy till my 37th week. Without her , i would not have delivered my baby. If you are around whitefield area, she is the best choice...
  • @Sowmi
    Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations on becoming a mom.
    There is another thread on Dr Garima Jain where most of the people are echoing the sentiments that you have.

    Which pediatrician are you consulting for your baby?
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  • @Kums‌
    Hope you are having a fantastic motherhood experience.
    Some of the other parents are looking for good pediatricians for their little ones.
    If you have a good paed, can you pl share your experience?
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    Anyone can give feedback about Dr.susheelamma in banglore
  • @sangi looks like nobody here knows about Dr Susheelamma.. Have you already visited her?
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  • Anybody has any reviews about Dr Philomena Vaz.I am looking for a doctor who do not push for C-section.
  • i need a suggestion. on june 14, 2013, my sister went through an abortion due to health reason on 3rd month. will she face any complication for next pregnancy?
  • Hi,I am a nursing mom. Doctot did pap smear test vth hpv DNA test. Pap smear results r normal but I have +ve high HPV type. Should I go for colposcopy r need to wait for another pap smear
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  • @Niharika it depends on the reasons and case to case so you should find out a good doctor and consult her for your sister. Best of luck.
  • @Imsujatha You can go for the second opinion. I always prefer the second opinion way to determine any major medical decision. I know it will be difficult for you being a mum of young baby to go through all the process so please take care and do what is right for you in long term.All the best.
  • St Johns Hospital, enter here with a lot of patience, time and good luck!

    I would like to specifically thank Dr. Annamma Thomas and her team along with all the nurses’ team in the obstetrics ward who have helped us in every possible way.
    I would also like to bring to your notice the way how the exemplary service rendered by few is being spoiled by many in theorganization,

    and I’m sure some of the parents may have come across this many times,
    1)The billing query counter personnel are not cooperating in explaining the bill breakups, and are extremely rude and lack any social skills.
    2)Pediatrician had not visited the child after the delivery even after repeated enquiries and request.
    3)The bill reflects pediatrician visit charges for every day from the date of delivery.
    4)After raising our concerns, a team of pediatricians visited the ward and cancelled the discharge instructions, and recommended an extra day with phototherapy for the infant, due to which we are loosing time and money.
    5)I had sought an appointment with the hospital director and the CMS through the secretaries but was not given an opportunity to explain my concerns.
    6) I had spoken to Mr. Martin, head of Finance/billing ?? who informed me that the pediatrician charges are standing charges, which we have to pay even if the service was not rendered.

    In short SJMCH has all the rights to levy charges listed under the sun but are not under obligations to render service for the same.

    In contrast to this, between Jan 06- to 08, 2014, I had admitted my dad at Father Mullers Hospital Managlore. even though I lost him, I was touched by the service by the hospital, every day the Priest came and prayed, the nuns and sisters took exemplary care , cleaned the chicken pox wounds without flinching , supported me , and when a billing issue due to their introduction of ERP software was there, the CFO herself apologised and resolved it.
    I suggest the management of SJMCH to visit Mangalore and undergo training with your fellow missionary of how to serve people in distress.



    I'm going to place a bet here, The representatives of SJMCH will never bother to reply to this feedback as they are above all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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  • @pra123 thanks for sharing your experience here. Hope hospital learn from this review and improve on their services. The pain point is that today all these hospitals are govern with their top line ( revenue ) and go to any expend to achieve that. But why cant they understand about the repeat customer value. They should know health services are not just any other service , human touch is require in delivering it and thanks to you for clearly articulating it. Hope not only SJMCH , other hospital should also learn from this experience . Today people clearly understand when you bill them extra , when you ask them to stay extra etc.
  • Hi, myself and my wife are trying for a baby since 3 years with no success. Can somebody suggest a good experianced gynic around south bangalore ? I've ready lot of good about Dr.Gayathri Kamat. Can somebody share her clinic details which i heard is located near Banashankari.
  • Hi All, I am looking for a good gyenocologist around kammanahalli-Kalyan Nagar-Horamavu area. Could anyone suggest someone with a good track record.
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  • @Rashmip Dr .Regina Zion hospital, Kammanahalli . She is very expert gynecologist. She used to clarify all our doubts. I used to call her for small small queries too and she replied all my calls. I had my delivery at Desai Hospital.
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    @Raghukv400 you people can try Dr Gayathri Kamath . I conceived and delivered under her care. I had complicated pregnancy and she handled well.I think she will advise the best for you. Good thing about her she gives ear to all your query and then tackle them.Wish you a healthy baby soon :smile:

    You can read my experience at
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    Can someone give reviews about Cambridge hospital in Cambridge layout please. And also suggest us if more scans during the pregnancy is fine?
  • I am put up in Ramamurthy Nagar. My wife is Pregnant and is currently 2 months. Can you please let me know which would be the best hospital and doctor , whom i can consult with. Please help me as i am new to bangalore
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  • @saravananj...I delivered my first baby in Koshys Hospital and was happy with their services. Dr. Gita was my gynaec and she is very very good. I used to consult with her in her clinic (5PM - 8:30PM) which is inside Jal Vayu Vihar (Kammanahalli). She was very patient with all my questions and spent at least half an hour to 45 minutes for every consultation of mine which is very rare.
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