Know the Luteal phase in your Infertility Fertilization

The luteal phase is an essential phase of the reproduction cycle, particularly during the implantation phase.

A healthy Corpus Luteum or C.L. with a good flow of progesterone is the fundamental requirement of effective implantation.
In a normal luteal function, there is an optimal development of pre-ovulatory follicles and the proper secretion of FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormone).

Corpus Luteum, is made from two important elements.

1. Steroidogenic cells: Theca and granulosa lutein
2. Non-steroidogenic cells: Endothelial, fibroblast, and immune

Both are equally important, and an imbalance between the two may cause a problem. LH regulates and manages the luteal development.

It is important to note that CL morphology changes due to morphological and biochemical factors during the luteal phase.

luteal phase affect fertility

The luteal stage is the period of the ovulation cycle that happens after the egg has been discharged and keeps going around about fourteen days. Amid this time, a lady's body discharges progesterone and thickens the coating of the uterus to get ready for pregnancy.

At the point when the luteal stage goes on for 10 days or less, it is known as a short luteal stage or a luteal stage imperfection.

luteal phase affect Ovaluation period (Know more about : Ovaluation period and Fertilization)

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