diabetes management care clinic in vashi / Navi Mumbai

Diabetes is a complex disease involving almost every important organ of our body. As duration of the disease increases ,it has more crippling effect on our body. To deal with such dreadful disease, multi-pronged approach is required. We need dedicated team of doctors to look into every aspect of disease. Diabetologist is always in the driver seat in this management. His/Her role is the most crucial in this whole scenario. Control of blood sugar is uttermost important to keep patients away from complications.

diabetes management care clinic in vashi

Timely introduction of various specialists to avoid complications & eventual hospitalization is the main task. Emergency management of hypoglycemia, ketosis, acidosis is also expected from Diabetologist. At Sweet Clinics, we have qualified Diabetologist & dedicated team of experts to help patients throughout their journey with Diabetes .

Diabetes care at Sweet Clinic
Consultation by Qualified Diabetologist through the day
Diabetes Prevention Program
Juvenile Diabetes Care Centre – Special counseling and treatment for Diabetic Kids
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