best gynecologist in India for infertility or block tube treatment

Hello, we are from Bangladesh. We got married at 2006. Since then we are facing problem to have children. At that time we tried best doctors in Bangladesh. After 5 years my wife got pregnant and had two babies. But unfortunately they died. After that we trying and went to several Doctors in Bangladesh. But there is no result. From the beginning my wife had one tube block problem. Thought she has one tube block and has tumor but still Last 3 years Bangladeshi Doctors say that my wife has no problem but still she did not get pregnant, and at the present Doctors tells me that I myself have some problem. Now I am really confused and don’t know what to do?

We are looking for best doctor in India to help us with pregnancy and baby delivery . Please suggest based on experience which is the best place in India for such treatment. How much will be the approximate cost


  • Hi,

    I am looking for recommendations of good ivf/iui treatment doctors near magarpatta. Chennai . My age is 34 with normal periods but I have been unable to conceive due to painful intercourse. My husband has normal reports too but we now want to go through this route. any advice will be useful
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