Please suggest a good dentist on OMR , chennai expert in handling young kids.

My 3.5 yrs old has cavities in his teeth and tooth decay, and doctor suggests that he should be kept on general anaesthesia for 2 hours and they will work on his teeth..if this treatment is not done..he may have difficulty in chewing later if the decay increases and there is no other way to cure this..not sure how safe is this..any suggestion please?
In any case his teeth should fall...can this treatment be avoided? Please suggest a good dentist on OMR expert in handling young kids. Please share with your personal experience.


  • You should consult a good pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist is called a pedodontist and I'm sure there will be many Chennai . My lil one also went thru this procedure at 3 with an anesthesia .Since the kid is young, they will need to give anaesthesia, otherwise the child will not let them perform the procedure.
  • I also have a question my little one is 3 years old and he suddenly started complaining of severe toothache , when we visited the dentist we were told that he would need root canals in 2 of his molars , and him being so small , they would need to put him under general anaesthesia. The reason for his tooth decay is due to his frequent nebulisation due to his wheezing troubles. Jus wanted ask have any of you faced anything similar , would u guide me with recovery time, Drs assure me it's just a day but want to know from real time experience. Would really appreciate any info on the same.
  • I doubt nebulisations can be the reason for his tooth decay . Have your doctor told you this ?Have you been asked to use direct pumps or spacer for the nebuliser machine with mask--and did your kiddo rinse off after as much as possible? Asking these questions as this might help other wheezing treatments kids . Please do share if your dentist give any guidance for that for future.

    Normally poor oral hygiene is the main reason for the tooth decay . Normally They give Anaesthesia to small kids. There is local Anesthesia and then there is general anesthesia. YOu must discuss all pros and cons with your dentist.
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