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  • Re: Does anyone know of a good dentist in Noida?

    @Sachin: Looks like I will have to get the tooth extracted. Do you have any idea how painful is it and how much time does it take for healing?
    Also, how much did it cost you?

    I enquired at Fortis Noida and they charge around 6000 Rs for extracting the wisdom tooth, the lower and the corresponding upper one.
  • Does anyone know of a good dentist in Noida?

    I have been suffering from extra sensitive tooth since last few days. I went to Kailash hospital and consulted Dr Poonam Bhatia, but the medication that she has given me does not seem to be effective. I continue to have this pain at the same level as before.
    I also got my Xray done at Kailash but I doubt whether the diagnosis done by Dr Bhatia is correct.
    Looking for a good dentist in Noida. Pl suggest some.
  • Re: Does anyone know of a good dentist in Noida?

    Got my upper and lower wisdom teeth extracted at Dr Gambhir's clinic. Though Dr Gambhir did not do the extraction himself but some other Doctor did it. The Dr who did the procedure did a good job of letting me know what to expect during and after the extraction. The extraction of both tooth was almost painless and I haven't felt any major discomfort after about 3 hours after the operation (the time of writing the post). Also I felt that I was given good attention by the doctors and the staff. The staff somehow remembered me by name even when I talked to them over the phone. It was a nice exp overall.
  • Baby vaccination at Fortis hospital, Noida

    I am not a big fan of fortis hospital Noida and avoid going there for consultations, operations etc because I find it to be too commercial. However, I do visit it for vaccination of my baby. My logic was that vaccination is just about giving an injection and few oral drops, how much could they fleece me there. But I was wrong. Here is what has happened in my last 2 visits to Fortis for vaccination.
    Visit 1: Told at the billing counter that I want vaccination done for my baby. They made a bill of Rs 450 and told me to purchase the vaccinations either from their pharmacy or from the market. I bought the vaccines from the fortis pharmacy and went to the pediatrician who would administer the vaccines. The pediatrician was not happy when he saw the Rs 450 receipt since it did not had his name as the referring doctor. He told me that he will not get any money if his name was not there and asked us to ensure his name was on the receipt the next time. He also told that he gets 60% of the billed money as commission. This was the first time in my life I heard about how much commission is being paid to doctors from a doctor himself.
    Visit 2: Told at the billing counter that I want vaccination done and also mentioned the name of the doctor, since the same doctor was on duty and I remembered what he has told me the last time. The receipt was for Rs 450 again and now had the name of the doc on it. When I visited the doctor he told me I should get a consultation receipt (which costs Rs 800) and not the vaccination receipt. I did not ask why but it was pretty clear that he will make a higher commission on Rs 800.
    As a result it looks like I will not be visiting Fortis Noida for vaccinations either.

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