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  • Mother’s Total Knee replacement surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon under Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

    My mother suffers from acute osteo arthritis in her knee. She was advised total knee replacement by multiple doctors. We decided to get the operation done at Medanta Medicity as some friends have had good experience there for the same operation.

    Pros of Medanta

    Overall we have had a very positive experience at Medanta. The nurses and doctors are really good and compassionate. My mother was especially impressed with the nurses who took good care of her. She has had multiple surgeries done at different hospitals before but was always dissatisfied by the quality of the nurses.
    My mother had earlier had the same operation at Manipal hospital Bangalore for the other knee. The recovery post that operation was very painful and it took a lot of time; she ended up spending about 2 weeks after the operation in the hospital. However, at Medanta not only the recovery was very fast but she also got discharged within 5 days of the operation. Actually she was able to walk few steps with the help of a walker on the 2nd day of the surgery itself. Am not sure whether this happened because of advancement in technology (which seems unlikely since operation at manipal happened only 3 years back) or due to the quality of the doctors.
    The hospital in general is very well managed and there is absolutely no detail (like food, attendant stay, entertainment of attendant etc) that they haven’t thought and worked upon.

    Cons of Medanta

    There is an unsaid/unwritten rule at Medanta that no surgery can happen till a clearance is issued by the financial consultant. You have to deposit the money as mentioned by the consultant before the operation or else the clearance will not be issued. Now the strange part is nobody told us about this. We happened to know about this rule through a relative who had to wait for 3 days after getting admitted for the operation to happen. Financial consultant sits in room no. 3 and you can ask them about the estimated cost and should deposit the same pronto.
    Overall, a very positive experience and I would recommend going to medanta if you are looking to get TKR operation done.

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