Pregnancy checkup and delivery experience at Jehangir Hospital ,Pune

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I delivered my baby normally at the Jehangir Hospital Pune under care of Dr. Jyotsna.
I always had many doubts and I am glad that my doctor always gave time to solve all my queries.
Hospital is clean and staff is of helping nature. We choose the luxury room. Costs are also nominal.
Apart form Dr. Jyotsna, Dr Manjri and Dr. Rao are also famous gyneocologist in the Jehangir Hospital,Pune.


  • We also had our second baby normally in Jahangir hospital Pune. We consulted Dr Manjari Kulkarni. I would highly recommend Dr. Manjari Kulakarni.
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  • I am new to Pune . I am shifted from Delhi to Pune in june 2013 only with my husband . can you please tell me about the best gyni n best hospital for regular chech up n delivery.. please tell me the charges also for the hospital you are going to recommend.
  • @Bindiya Welcome to pune :). My gyne was Dr Seema Jain and I delivered in Aditya birla hospital . You can read my experience and cost etc at below link.
  • Hi
    Can someone tell me what are the charges for delivery in Jhangir hospital pune for special room? And also how is the medical claim facility?
  • @jestina The cost of normal delivery is around 60,000 and cost of C- sec will be around one lakh rs for private AC room in Jehangir hospital Pune ( checked it recently for family friend). And this is the cost only for the mother. For baby , the cost will be separate around 8,000 Rs. I am from an IT company and paid through insurance, claim process was ok. But you will get the reimburse amount only till your company prescribed limit. Bill Amount beyond that limit you will have to pay from your pocket.
  • @vedika,@mishtim ..let me know what are the consultation charges at jahagir ,How much quality time they sepnd with patient .Apart from all this quality time is most imp for first time mom .so pls let us know all this details ,IT will be helpful
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    @manvi My doctor always answered my all queries so yes i had been given enough time. I was also the first time mom then so full of queries. I can totally understand your point here.
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    @vedia i m happy to know this that docotr gv u enough time.Wht about consulatation charges of every month ?did u get appointment easily ?

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  • @manvi oh sorry forgot to mention the fee. First time registration is 600 and follow up charges are 300 per visit. Yes appointment is available mostly except few times.
  • @vedika Thanks a lot ..Hope It will help me in near future
  • I m expecting my 1st baby the routine check up is with Dr. Rao & Dr. Jyotsna @ Jehangir, the real experience is still to come till date every thing is upto the mark i can say it excellent....
  • @abhilasha‌ congratulations, when is your due date? Would love to hear about your experience at Jehangir.
    Congrats once again
  • Hi mishtim, could you explain your experience in a bit detail? I will be delivering in a month under Dr Manjiri Kulkarni? How was your hospital and childbirth experience?
  • Hi All, I am extremely happy to share that I & my wife have blessed with Baby boy. I am sharing our experience - We were consulting and taking treatment from Dr. Mini Salunkhe and I must say she is very nice to listen your problems properly and also suggest accordingly. She is very much reachable on phone as well in case of emergency otherwise in Express Clinic @Magarpatta City, Columbia Asia @Kharadi and Inamdar @Fatima Nagar. We had got our first baby delivered in our 4th year of marriage at Columbia Asia and the cost is less than Jehangir as Ms. Vedika mentioned. We have paid around Rs. 85000 for C-Sec delivery including baby (Rs. 20000 as he was in NICU for couple of days), we stayed 5 days. The hospital is nice and will take care of everything you need. Frankly speaking before this we went to Dr. Manjari also in Jehangir and Dr. Gupte also in Deccan but got no result and also most of the time their assistant deals with the patients and they only talk with the doctor in their words so I must say patient does not get enough time to sit in front of the doc and clear her/his doubts. I am sorry but this is our experience. So fortunately we started with Dr. Mini (no assistant she has) and now I shared the result with all of you.. Her fee also very nominal at clinic - Rs. 300 only. You can also consult Dr. Harshala Munde who sits in her own clinic - Ganga clinic (I guess) at Nagar Road.

    Hope this long message will help you.

    Thanks :)
  • @‌Deepesh Congratulations to you and your wife. It is always heartening to read about good experiences that people share.
    Your review about Dr Mini Salukhe is detailed and I'm sure lot of people will find it really useful. Thanks for sharing.
  • Your welcome Manisha. This forum really helps to needful people. I forgot to mention that Columbia Asia has approx 40,000 for normal and 70,000 approx for C-sec delivery. We have taken the 4 beds sharing room but it was big and separated with proper curtains. My insurance limit does not allow for higher cost room so I took the sharing one. The food was also good which was included in the room rent and it has 8 slots from Morning to Night (Tea/Milk, B'fast, Lunch/Dinner etc). One more info, Dr. Mini does cancel her appointments in case of emergency delivery. I have seen this instance once with our appointment and also it has happened with us as our case was also emergency case and she did not leave the hospital until delivered the baby.

    Thanks !
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    @Deepesh Thanks for words of encouragement. My own medical experiences have made me start medlly. You can read more about why I started this forum here

    If you think there is value in this forum pl share it with your friends on facebook so that we all benefit from each others experience.
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    Hi Friends, I desperately need your favour. I stay in Pune currently. I had 2 recurrent miscarriages. Both were at 22nd week. 1st time, baby suddenly got separated from placenta and had to abort forcefully. 2nd time, I had PROM at 19th week and I was admitted to Jehangir Hospital under Dr. Vandana Khanijo. But at 22nd week, I had the premature delivery due to urinary infection. So, lost our son again. Can anyone please suggest a good recurrent miscarriage specialist doctor in Pune if you had experience with any of your near one? Please help us.
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    @deepa though i do not have any direct answer to your query but yes still i wanted to tell you to that you are really brave and please have patience and keep your faith. And I am sure you will soon be blessed with baby. I am writing this as someone close in my family had 3 miscarriages she was depressed but never lost the hope, now she is a proud mother of 2 healthy kids.

    I know many good gynecologist in Pune but not sure who is best to handle the case like yours. I had normal delivery.

    Please focus on your health and stay happy ( thats what the doctor told to my relative who is based in US) of-course the treatment matters . I totally understand your mental situation so I am just requesting members ( @Deepesh @manvi @Vedika @shru @abhilasha @Bindiya ) here on this thread to please ask in your circle and help @deepa.

    @Deepesh @manvi @Vedika @shru @abhilasha @Bindiya - Dear all I am sure many of you must have become proud parents and know many people in pune , please read @deepa's case above and if you any such good doctor in pune who is good in handling this kind of cases then please suggest her.
  • Hi everyone I really need your help,I had two earlly miscarriage and now I am searching a really good gynaecologist in Pune who can understand actual reason behind these miscarriage because I desperately want to know the reason which my Dr smita sha is unable to find thanks in advance....
  • Can anyone suggest good gynaecologist near Wagholi or Kharadi. I stay at wagholi. I referred to Dr Manjiri for my first baby and quite satisfied with her behavior/services/checkups. But now it is far from my place (i.e wagholi). So please suggest any such gynaecologist who will be near to my place. I heard that Columbasia also has good staff (doctors). But I dont know whom should I refer. I am looking for experienced doctor who focus on normal delivery (instead of money minded through Cesarean Delivery)
  • Why do not you read the full information in above comments by me.
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    @Shivani, Please tell me have you got heartbeat before miscarriages. Because this is important if the heartbeat itself did not come then there might be the case that blood is not reaching to the becoming baby. If this is the problem with you then you may need to get injection everyday till delivery for reaching and flowing your blood to the required place... The injection which I am talking about is - Heparin ( but before this one test should be conducted.. I forgot that test name but can get you the exact name after seeing the reports later...
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