Worst Medical Facility in Allahabad -Anand Hospital- Doctor Kartikeyen Sinha/Dr Vasistha in Shivalik

Hello Everyone,

I have faced a very bad experience with hospitals in India (Allahabad,Delhi) .

I would like to share my bad experience and hope nobody will face the same. I lost my father due to medical negligence by Doctor Kartikeyen Sinha.It happened on 14 Dec 2014 2009 my father felt from upper seat in a train journey. At that time he was alright but after few hours later he was not feeling well and admitted to Anand Hospital Allahabad .

I was in Banglore at that time and as I heard the news that he is in hospital as he is suffering with Brain injury. I reached Allahabad in next 16 Hrs .He was in ICU at that time and hospital administration informed me that he has some seriou brain injury. I called the concerned doctor for detail and he replied in a rudely manner that he can not comment as MRI not done.
After a long discussion with him I understand that doctor is treating him without any valid test. I asked him reason for this then he threaten me to take my father out of his hospital. Now my relatives informed he is the best in Allahabad and I need to apologies. He was admitted for a very long time under doctor Kartikeyen Sharma and doctor Ashish Tandon . These doctors and this hospital is one of the worst in the country like all small town hospitals these hospital don't have any kind of testing machines within hospital like MRI.Doctors were treating like Gods they don't want to inform anything to patients relative till the worst condition . Same thing happen to us these two doctors made the conditions so worst that he was on ventilator and his chest was full with 1.5 liters of water.

Finally I decided to come to Delhi via air ambulance . I admitted him under doctor Ajai Lal in Max Saket. He was admitted there on 10 Feb to 12 march and most of the time in ICU .
These corporate hospitals are worst of their own kind . They charged more than 9 lakhs of rupees and while discharging they informed me that his backbone was fractured and due to spine problem he can not walk.Although he was treated for by a physiotherapist regularly in one month hospitalization period .

Now the worst came into the picture I went to Doctor Vashistha in his clinic in Shivalik for another openion.He told me that this problem can be resolved by some injection therapy and chargen me almost 2 Lakh rupees in one month. That was my worst mistake to believe that doctor .After that treatment my father went another worst condition and again admitted in Max.Max doctors suggested that due to that treatment he is suppose to be admit in ICU again for a month.

My father died on Aug 2010 due to negligence of Doc Kartikeyen Sharma as he did not find the problem. Actually my father has a problem in backbone but he was treating for head injury.Max Doctor knew that problem and they treated well.But they want to earn money only.Now the worst is Dr Vasistha who is a fraud as he assured us that problem will fix but cheated and gave wrong medicine.


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