Sharing my experience of Dr. Manjula Raghuveer Bangalore

She is the sweetest doctor who took care of me like her daughter. Very warm and affectionate. She works @ cloud9 malleshwaram. Trust me she is best in what she does. Must mention a case here which she was handling while I was consulting her, A lady in her 7/8th month of pregnancy came to her for checkup in the scan it was found that she had twins and both the babies grew horizontally weighing 700-800 gms each yes, You read it right babies were even a kilo in weight. She took the case and that lady delivered her twins on same day I delivered mine. Babies were healthy last time I met the lady few weeks back. So is the lady.


  • yes she totally treates you like daughter and ur husband as her son..yu will not know until your delivery how stupid she is..

    First of all she took her own sweet time to come in to labour room and some other non doctors were in their way to start delivering..she comes in n was asking whoever was inside to deliver because she was too lazy to change into hospital clothes..
    they kept trying fornormal..then she comes with vaccum that din work..she says that wasn working so we'l get another den she tries with smaller n den bigger.she is al in her usual jolly mood..kept making it luk like it was all under control..then she got this vacum says"this is my lucky n lets try this"..that was a total disaster..she din know what when to make decions total looser..

    Some other doctor came in,she was like wth are yu al dong..if vaccum fails what r yu even trying..den she decides to go for c section..

    By den it was way too late..because of all the nonsense trying my baby's heart beat had gone low n the it stopped ..n i fell unconcious..

    AT this point also..she din move to surgery room soon..n there was hell lot of delay ..
    Another 20 main later she did a surgery n got out of my kid..he was born flat...kid fought back n got back his breath
    Because there was too much delay in reacting n irresponsible usage f forceps there was oxygen deprivation which resulted in half of his brain damage..
    Also she until the csection happened she left my normal delivery cut open which had excessive bleeding and Hb levels went to 5.

    Then the paed shekar subbaiah,kishore kumar and shashi bushan totally brainless..they din do the next steps that was supposed to be taken immediately..
    by the time they went back to books,there was further damage..He was diagnosed with cystic encephalopathy(brain damage which causes at the time of delivery this way is permanent and will affect all parts the damaged brain connects to)

    After 2 weeks of him in ICU,he got lil better and they discharged saying he is doing gud..they had not explained the extent of damage..we had no idea they have caused such severe damage and they hid it from us.Further after a week t home he started vomiting and we got him back to cloud nine..My son stpped swallowing and din stop vomiting and this was due the brain damage caused.Again after a week in ICU,then they finally had to tell us what has happened.

    We went to ask this cheapo Dr Manjula Raghuveer and the looser shekhar subbaiah(my god he deserves oscar for his over acting..too much drama he cries along with yu jus to get out this..we had no idea he also had not done this job properly..),the hospital called police to shut us up..

    We got my son home as there was no point keeping him der..n we lost him after a week...its the worst thing ever to watch your son die n yu being helpless..the doctors n the hospital they can play with ur emotions to another well..if god exist,these ppl will see the worst things for they have done..if they do not know their job they shud jus sit at home n not kill ppl..
  • I am 5 months pregnant and really confused after reading the two conflicting reviews. I have been consulting Dr. Manjula Raghuveer even before I got pregnant and in the last two years she was always available on phone, via sms. Divyas2210, I am extremely sorry for your loss, however, if you don't mind me asking what was your next action against the hospital.
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  • I really had a horrific experience with that women...Not fit to be a doctor..Very mean and money minded...Drama queen..
  • Long story read it till the end , it’s worth it:
    2 babies 2 doctors 2 dft birth stories

    My first child
    First the hospital, cloud9 Malleshwaram- was welcomed as if I was entering a resort with many facilities. The marketing ppl are soooo good that they did not know where to draw the line. I was asked which package I would wanna opt for 3N4days or 2N3 days. I was amazed and asked them doesn’t the doctor decide on that?. No ma’am it’s up to the patient..
    The doc- Dr Manjula Raghuveer. My first meet, wow what a women, so much Love, so much energy and so much positivity. Adddress u as putta and ur husband would instantly be her son like figure.. will speak to u sooo we’ll make u feel very comfortable and tell u ur like her daughter and ul fall for all these instantly. She would suggest u see her in her clinic from the next visit. Months would go smooth and ul feel so much at ease that I’ve chosen the best for my child and urself. She would never speak abt normal delivery or c Sec she would say I can tell u for sure when ur in active labour
    Scenario changes when ur in labor. Though I went in 3 cm dilated she decides to induce me to speed up. Asked if I want epidural, I denied since i was able to manage the pain. She had told me there would be 2 doses of induction. After the 1st dose examined me and said this isn’t working well on u.. when I reminded the 2nd dose wasn’t given, she created a drama and yelled at the junior doctor and asked me to take the 2nd dose , I dilated up to 8cm quickly. At this stage she broke my membrane with out even asking me. And within a short time said baby’s heart rate is not great we need to go in for a C. I’m a person who worked on heart diseases and knew how to read a ecg. When I saw the NST result and questioned her the waves look normal. She looks at my dad and says “look ur daughter will walk out of the hospital hail and healthy but I doubt ur grandchild would make it”. With out much option I had my baby delivered via c section.later had the audacity to blame me for denying epidural that would have made it to a normal delivery

    When my 1st kid was 15 monthhs old I got pregnant again. This time I did my research and stuck to a multi specialty hospital and a Dr who believed in natural birthing . I told her my story and she instantly pointed nothing as such was written in your discharge summary.I was in labour for 12 hours and delivered a healthy baby . She as a doctor would answer your questions not get too chatty ,very frank on her opinion, does complete justice to her work.
    So plz think twice bfr u opt for a brand oriented hospital and a doctor who is on board with u without much drama.

    PS my second child was heavier than the first one and born in PSG hospitals Coimbatore . DrChitra would be one of those dr’s cuz of whom ethics and humanity exists
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