Best hospital and best gynecologist for VBAC delivery in bangalore

I am 32 year old and 2 months pregnant . I had my first baby 3.6 years back. I want to know that in my age if the VBAC is possible and who is the best gynecologist and which is the best hospital which support the VBAC in Bangalore. Please suggest good doctor near electronic city , madiwala, koramangala .


  • VBAC can be decided in last phase of the pregnancy. In most cases the doctor will not be able to tell you if vbac is possible until the last trimester. That's why many people misunderstand the doctor saying they changed their stance in the end . Doctor can only determine in early days if you are a good candidate for Vaginal delivery after c sec or not . A lot of factors play a role in it . If your baby is too big or if the uterine wall is not holding up, age over 40 , overall fitness and health status etc. So go find a good doctor for VBAC but Just be flexible and ready for a situation where you may have to go for a c-section. Listen to your doc. Please remember Vbac involves a lot of risk so please choose carefully. Good Luck.
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    @sinha9 you can try Dr Pratima Reddy. She consults at Fortis la femme, near st. Philominas hospital on Richmond Road. She is good doctor who supports VBAC . I know a friends friend who had VBAC with her. She is a quiet good doctor she will only suggest VBAC if safe.
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    hey @sinha9 you can try Noida Sector-11, class doctor team Available
  • @sinha9 Poornima Ramakrishnan Apollo cradle koramangala. She always tries for normal delivery till last minute even if the person had C sec during first delivery. You may speak to her to explore more about your case.

    though i kind of agree with @rupsi that VBAC can be determined when you are in your eight or nine month. Wish you a great luck for normal delivery ahead.
  • I am 30 years old and 3 months pregnant. I had my first baby 5.2 years back. Till now I don't have any problem with the fetus. I want to know about VBAC and its possibility in my case and who is the best gynecologist and which is the best hospital which supports the VBAC in Mysore or Mandya. Please suggest a good doctor.
  • @Divyagowda doctors normally tell you after analyzing all the facts in last trimester if VBAC is possible or not. You anyway fulfill the first condition of having at least 3 years of gap between two conceiving cycle. ALl the best .
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    I dono best gynecologist in electronic city , madiwala, koramangala, i would recommend Femiint health & fertility hospital is best gynecologist in whitefield. just check it out
  • Hi I need some guidance and help regarding VBAC . Please if any of you who have had a VBAC can guide me that would be a great help as I am due next month. My first delivery was 5 years back via c- section. Now doctor has told me to decide whether I would like to have a normal delivery or section again. Could you'll plz give me your inputs. Thanks in advance.
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