Best doctor in NCR for Total knee replacement surgery

Hi, I need to get the TKR for my mother. Anyone has recent experiences in Delhi NCR. I was thinking to visit Dr Raj Gopal, escorts but looking at the reviews here, perhaps prefer to skip as i have lots of queries and would like to get those answered.
Please advise good doctors for tkr in Delhi NCR region.thanks in advance.


  • I am in same dilemma too as we want to discuss so many queries before the surgery to make up our mind towards surgery.

    I have been asking this question to many people and people have suggested many good orthopedics across the NCR like DR SKS Mrya, Dr Bhan , Dr Maheshwari ( Knee and Shoulder clinic , East of Kailash) , Dr. Brigadier BK Singh, Dr Subhash Jangid, Artemis gurgaon , Dr Pushpinder Bajaj Safdarjung enclave. Dr. JBS Jaggi of Max Gurgaon to name few.

    Now I am looking for reviews of these orthopedic doctors for knee replacement. I want someone who should not push for surgery who should listen and suggest the best .

    @asheeshvarshney please let me know if you have found or finalized any ! Thanks.
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  • @nidhi connecting you on this thread with @asheeshvarshney and @ojha they are also searching The good genuine orthopaedic who can help in answering questions. I am sure you people can share your experience with each other and help.
  • @asheeshvarshney @ojha @Manisha @nidhi good to connect with you all. Did you see any doctor ?
  • Dr Anil arora max hospital patparganj.Planning to meet Dr shekhar aggarwal .. sant parmanand hospital.
  • Thanks @nidhi for replying. So how was your experience with DR Anil Arora. Did he listen to all the problems and what is his recommendation on surgery ? Also have you got any feedbacks on successful surgery ?

    We met Dr Ashoo Agarwal in Dwarka, at least doctor heard us and recommended the surgery , Now I am looking for the feedback on surgery to finalize .

    Do let me know your experience with DR Shekhar also if you meet.

    Seems this knee replacement area is so grey that hard to receive the feedbacks. Will look for forward to hear from you ! Meanwhile i will look for feedbacks if I get any I will share with you.

    Wish you get some good feedbacks soon and your patients get operated and healthy soon!
  • @asheeshvarshney How is your mother doing now? Hope she had a good surgery ? It would be great if you can share her well being. thanks.
  • I'm frm bangladesh...I'm also researching way ahead of my Mother's Knee replacement in India.... I dropped personal centers of Orthopedics because in case of emergency without a full-fledged hospital patient will be in trouble....what i've found your Delhi, Gurgaon and Chennai are the biggest hub for Orthopedics.... my criteria is the surgeon must use Computer Navigation on surgery and should have Minimally Invasive expert and the surgeon should have some time for patient to listen & discuss abt the procedure.. on the basis of this I dropped my preference for Dr Rajgopal, Fortis and Dr. Yash Gulati, Apollo Delhi...both are highly expert but a celebrity doctor has always less time for patient.and a surgeon don't need to perform 4/10 surgery per day to hold a record....20 surgery per month is well enough to keep have some Senior-most Professors after retirement who're practicing in some private hospitals or big Hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram but i won't go becs i didnt found info that they're using Computer Navigation....

    My final choice of destination is Dr. Anil Arora, Max Patparganj, Dr. SKS Marya, Medanta( if he uses Computer Navigation regularly, no info i hav) and Dr. Lenin C, Apollo Chennai...
  • @Maruf It seems you have done a quite a good research and really helpful that you have shared with us. We are also planning for this surgery . Now your pointers are really going to help me refine my search .

    @nidhi How was your meeting ?
    nidhi said:

    Dr Anil arora max hospital patparganj.Planning to meet Dr shekhar aggarwal .. sant parmanand hospital.

  • @shikha5 .... actually this is my habit....we're educated so before going for any major surgical thing we can know a little bit of about that surgery, pre-op preparation, post-op preparation, how to manage infection, what should be avoided after surgery, what is the procedure of surgery, what technology are available in the market and most importantly what're the uses of those technology( are there any need to use those or they're just money making scheme)....soo many things we should go at first.... u know my father first had his major operation in 2007 at Apollo, Dhaka in our country by Dr. Sandeep Attawar.....the surgeon was very good, he's now a renowned heart-surgeon in your country maybe practicing now Gleneagles, Chennai...he did Beating Heart Bypass surgery on my father...before the operation i went through all the heart surgery procedures...what i found was Beating heart bypass surgery is perfect, less risky with less recovery time for patient but it's less costly for Hospitals too....soo if a surgeon is not expert in beating heart surgery, it seems the hospital will get more profit.....soo if u learn enough about the operations then u will understand little bit what to choose as we're not doctors...but this little knowledge will help u here....

    Now as for my mother's Knee replacement as i already told that many doctors nd hospitals r there in ur country... but depending on place( as Delhi or Chennai will suit us more), Computer Assistance, minimally invasive techniques, reputed Hospitals I decided to keep choice between those 3 doctors...but most probably will go for Dr. Lenin C.. it's easy for you's ur atleast 2 doctors first...
  • @Maruf hats off to you man!! Education is one thing but how you have actually implemented that is really commendable. We normally ask people and just go for the doctor which other says good for them . But your approach is quiet scientific and ensures that we are also knowing it and then looking for feedback on it not just feedback. How is father doing now?

    For knee replacement as there is this news here that the costs for Knee implants will be capped as announced by our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modiji on 15th August. And this capped price will then reflect in the package cost. Hence the package cost of knee replacement in India should certainly reduce. But how much that we will get to know eventually.

    When are you planning the operation of your mother ?
  • @ojha ...heyy great news of price-capping...but don't know in reality how much price will be cut at Hospital level..... We may do surgery next year on 1st quarter... u'r also looking for Knee replacement..?? first select a State or region of ur India u have atleast couple of good hospitals in every big state... if u'r in Delhi then it's the biggest hub.... as i was searching... my narrowed down Hospitals and doctors were in Delhi:: Apollo Delhi( Dr Yash Gulati, dr. raju vaishya), Fortis( Dr. Rajgopal), Max( Anil Arora), Medanta( Dr SKS Marya) and Artemis( Dr. Subhash Jangid)).......and Dr Maheshwari if he was in a multi-special Hospitalt...hey're among the best of the best in India it's for sure..

    now at first do some study about the different Surgery methods, the Implants( u'll see many implants are there & u'll be questioning why so many options like Toothpaste or Shampoo..!!)), then some tests & workout before surgery, during surgery, after the post-operative 2 months, ant life-long precaution needed or not....etc etc...u'll find why surgeons all over tha world started using Computer navigation or even MAKO ( robotics) in replacement operation, the same surgeons were doing surgery using conventional method like even 5/6 years little bit info about all these is necessary....but One Important Caution:: we're not any doctors( if anyone then it'll be much easier for him to decide) don't panic or argue with doctors....just question them couple of things u've learned about these surgeries..then they'll open up themselves to a patient frankly( if a doctor is soo busy atleast his assistance should)....and millions of these type of surgery happening all over the we should have faith on doctors too... i'm giving a web link's an Orthopedic hospital in USA...everyone go through it...I think it'll be enough to have knowledge about both Hip & Knee replacement....
  • ojha said:

    Here goes the news</blockquot

    @Ojha Great welcome move by government now I am waiting to see how does it come down to overall package .

    @Maruf agree completely with what have you said that we should be well informed enough to ask right questions to understand better from the doctor. I have started going through the details.In our case my patient itself is not ready for surgery. Patients wants to try all the alternative methods ( Acupressure , homeopathy , ayurveda) to manage pain. Though we have taken 2-3 opinions at home town and they are suggesting replacement is the only option. So along with our search to find the right doctor and hospital our efforts are going to convince the patients as well. Wish me luck folks!

  • @shikha5 ...yeeh without mental nd physical preparation this type of major operation shuldn't be done... patient is ur mom/dad..?? how old..?? over-weight...?? what's the condition now...??.. she/he can walk or do things...??.. becs there are some exercises for these type of patient and ofcourse for us lso to keep the knee nd thigh muscle active... an active knee, thigh will result more successful operation.... so atleast u can consult an orthopedic doctor who can give suggestion for ur mom/dad that which exercise will be suitable for them( though in Youtube all type of these excersize is there but consulting a doctor is best..).... If u ask me I will never go for Acupuncture/acupressure and Homeopathy becs these can damage internal organ in older patient like kidney/liver and incorrect Acupuncture can damage muscle-tissue.... I'll go for Ayurveda but not in oral form..rather apply Ayurvedic oil to massage the thigh nd knee or affected area gently...this will keep muscle active nd pain will be controlled...u can ask the Orthopedician about this and also for Hot/cold pack therapy..... usually cold pack is necessary when severe pain with swelling other normal pain situation everyday Hot therapy is good...soo ask Orthopedic doctor about Ayurvedic oil massage and Hot/Cold pack therapy and about the exercises... then untill the operation happens ur mom/dad will be in controlled pain and muscles will be in good shape..

    The website link i gave in my previous comment is a good one to have a summarized overview of Knee/hip replacement knowledge...but always ask doctors for correct procedures or the way which state or region u choose for selecting hospitals..?? you all hav a advantage that it's ur own country...u'll get information easily...

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    So, anyone inquired in any good hospitals..?? Through my searching i sent emails to some Hospitals... cost is varying...
  • heyyy the above Comment i didnt come it's Posted...????
    okky whatever..
    I think it's the Prosthesis or Implants that is varying the cost.... Apollo Chennai relied that cost will be approx $16000 for both Knee..i think it's for ATTUNE Rotating Knee Implant... Artemis replied $9500 approx for both Knee... Max hospital replied $5000/6000 for 1 Knee, so for Both $9000 should be needed... Apollo Delhi recently posted their package starts with 1.80 lakh Rupees( without Implants)... Fortis forgot to reply my mail..!!!.... so it's the Implant tht's differing the cost mainly.. but good news you government is planning to fixed the'l be awesome for patient...Medanta dont hav Email to contact...
  • @Maruf the patient is my 62 year old mom . She is around 5 feet and around 62 kg ( not that over weight). She had been doing excercises and also occasional physiotherapy . She can do her all work at her own . But at a time she can hardly walk for 500m .
    And your point about keeping oneself active is really good to make surgery successful later. I will let her know .

    Did you get any reply from Fortis ?

    We enquired for Rajgopal and got to know that 3.25lakh for single knee and 5 .25 to 5.5 lakh for both the knees. This is for Fortis Escort Delhi and Fortis Gurgaon.
  • @Maruf the patient is my 62 year old mom . She is around 5 feet and around 62 kg ( not that over weight). She had been doing excercises and also occasional physiotherapy . She can do her all work at her own . But at a time she can hardly walk for 500m .
    And your point about keeping oneself active is really good to make surgery successful later. I will let her know .

    Did you get any reply from Fortis ?

    We enquired for Rajgopal and got to know that 3.25lakh for single knee and 5 .25 to 5.5 lakh for both the knees. This is for Fortis Escort Delhi and Fortis Gurgaon.
  • Hello all ..I am writing after a long time . I have something good to share. My mom finally got operated.

    I finally got my mom's surgery done at Fortis Escort. It's almost 2 months now. She is doing perfectly fine. Dr Rajgopal did her surgery .Hospital asked us to submit 5.5 lakhs . Which we made a bank transfer 2 days before my mom's admission to the hospital . My mother Got admitted on Monday morning around 10.00 AM and on the same day they perform certain tests . All her tests were ok. She had her surgery on tuesday ( 9: 30 AM). She said she was taken in the operation room and one green curtain was put in front of her and they gave a injection on the back of her after which she kind of slept and when the made her awake her operation was over. After her surgery she was in the ICU for 24 hrs and after that she has been shifted to the room.

    She was happy with the nurse's care . Not very happy with food though. They made her walk on 4th day and on sunday she was finally released from the hospital. Overall cost for both knee replace was around 5 lakhs and 39 thousands rupees and rest of the money ( 11 thousand) had been returned to us.

    After returning to home we got her the walker and also we got her the toilet seat ( She needed this as both her knee were operated and she needed minimum height of toilet seat )

    She had 10 physiotherapy session provided by hospital on alternate days except the holidays. Physiotherapist used to teach exercise and helped her to walk in a right way.

    My mother used to limp but by GOD grace she is totally fine now. Its only two months . She has occasional bouts of pain but overall she is doing fine. She is no more using walker . And she goes for a outside walk twice.

    @Maruf @Ojha any news from your side ? waiting to hear from your side.

    @Manisha I am thankful to this site , Information from here and our own series of counselling finally helped mumma to take this operation.

    And she herself is glad that she took this one.

    Thank you all.
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