Treatment of PCOS and PCOD without medicine with change in diet and excercise

Pcos can be best managed by a low carb diet and exercise. Additionally gluten free and dairy free diets are also recommended and they help a nutritional supplements a great help for PCOS.

I will tell you my story. My gynecologist had given me diane 35 (contraceptive pill) for 6 months. I had my 6 month dose by the time I was taking the medicine my periods were regular but the moment I stopped my periods got delayed. Also due to this medicine I had put on more weight.

Then I realized this is not going to help me and I needed strong determination. exercise walk n diet control.Diane and all are temporary solutions. I don't even want to talk about the side effects of hormonal therapy.So I started doing combination of strength and cardio ( HIIT) exercises and also reducing carbs and included good quality fat like coconut oil and avacado. Believe me it will show the effects and the periods will take some time to fall into place.

So basically what I have realized that Pcos is usually a lifestyle disorder. Change your eating habits and be more active throughout the day.Reduce your weight.reduce your high carb and sugar mostly low carb , high fibre whole grains , veggies except starchy ones and fruits.Do more physical activity and in no time you will be fine.

I hope this will help you with your PCOS problem . PLease try and comment and let me know how are you managing your PCOS or PCOD.

Best of luck


  • How to control acne and hair fall related to PCOD?
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  • I have been suffering from ovarian cyst for a long time now and unable to conceive. I have irregular periods and no ovulation. My gynecologist has advised me to undergo a laparoscopy surgery o remove cyst . I want to know if anyone has undertaken this surgery and Of they have conceived after the surgery? What are the chances of the cyst recurring even after the removal ?
    Any help and suggestions on the topic is greatly appreciated thanks
  • I am 29 year old and am planning for a baby . My periods were regular 6 months back but from last 6 months there is lot of fluctuation. So my doctor has diagnosed me with PCOS.

    She gave metformin and progesterone (10 days)for 6 months. Additionally doctor has asked to do regular exercise and to reduce sugar and carbs. The metformin is bothering me a lot. As I have started taking it from last 3 days and I experience excessive hunger, gas trouble , vomiting feeling , bad taste in mouth. I could feel something happening in me all time. Seems all these are side effects of this medicine. Can anyone tell me of these side effects are temporary or they last longer. Do we need to continue this lifetime ? What are the natural ways of controlling pcos?

    @Lihare01 have you stopped the medicine altogether ? How are you doing now?
  • @Goru I can answer some of your queries. As I have mentioned above that I had PCOS . But believe me any external hormonal tablet can only help assist getting y cycles normal, but you can get a permanent solution only with a serious lifestyle change. Which includes regular exercise . Low carb high fat diet.

    Please start eliminating white sugar, processed food. Restricted hormone rich broiler chicken and packet cow milk. have lots of vegetables.

    Please manage your stress , actually we start any process with some goals in mind ( In your case you want to be pregnant ) and then we start taking stress if the goals are not met, this is how we are taught to be.

    We should rather focus on journey for being healthy , rest things will be taken care by itself. Trust me. It's not going to be easy and you can never be 100% perfect by day one. Even till today I do get stressed, but changing to a healthy lifestyle is a must to survive PCOS.

    All the best.
  • I have PCOS since last 8 years and I never ever took medicine properly. However after marriage I came to know that it's so difficult to conceive and now I really regret for being so careless. I had been advised to take 5 cycles of clomid which did not help and I could not conceive. I am a overweight person as well. After I am failed to conceive normally I had been suggested to go for IUI. I took SSG tube test and all my reports are fine. This SSG test was painful procedure for me and I have heard that IUI is also painful.

    I am not mentally ready for IUI and I have asked some time from my gynecologist. I really want to lose wait and ty alternative medicine or Ayurveda before I go for IUI.I want to conceive naturally. Now I am delima shall I got with homeopathy or Ayurveda ( I have heard that ashokarishta tonic is good for such problems) .

    Please help me where shall I start I want to help my self. I want a baby naturally.
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