Lookng for treatment for all joint pains / arthritis/ RA in chennai

I am 33 year old . Last year I suffered from viral fever in which I had al joints pain. I had been cured .But joint pain keeps coming back . i will have Knee pain , back pain , pain in thighs and calves. Even finger joints hurt . Sometime it's so bad that I cant move out of bad. I am mother of one 4 year old . It is so difficult to take care of family in this situation.

I have met a orthopaedic doctor in Apollo hospital here in chennai and I had been asked to take several tests including the Rheumatoid arthritis. But that all the tests are fine. So no medicine for me . SOme physio told me some exercise to make my muscles strong.
I am looking for a ling term relief. I have been taking pain killer on SOS basis. I have a strong felling that this can RA bt as test were negative so cant say anything.
Please tell me what to do and which doctor to see. or shall i go for alternative medicins

Anyone who is going through the same problem can share their experience with me .


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