Best normal delivery hospital in vaishali, ghaziabad.

My wife had a c- section earlier, now she is again expecting a baby. She is also suffering from thyroid and is also pregnancy diabetic.
1. We want the delivery to b normal, what the chances??
2. Is there any hospital in vaishali, Ghaziabad or nearby place where doctors & hospitals don't pressurise for C-section and there charges ??
3 Are there chances for normal delivery??


  • @rahulgoad VBAC ( Viganal birth after csec) can be decided in last phase of the pregnancy. In most cases the doctor will not be able to tell you if vbac is possible until the last trimester.

    That's why many people misunderstand the doctor saying they changed their stance in the end . Doctor can only determine in early days if you are a good candidate for Normal delivery after c sec or not .

    A lot of factors play a role in it .For example time difference between the 2 conceptions ( normally they say if 3 years then good) . If your baby is too big or if the uterine wall is not holding up, age over 40 , overall fitness and health status etc.

    Soyou might have to find a good gynecologist who will understand your case and choice but Just one point that please be flexible and ready for a situation where you may have to go for a c-section. Listen to your doc. Please remember Vbac involves a lot of risk so please choose carefully. Good Luck.

    May you soon find a good genuine gynecologist. Btw which gynecologist you are consulting right now
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  • Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Can u suggest any good experienced gyne in Vaishali, Gzb.
  • Hi all
    I am looking for a good gynecologist in Ghaziabad for pregnancy care and delivery. Currently my wife 7th month is
    Complete in 9 june. .Can you please help?
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    @rahulgoad @nalam
    We are looking for a good gynecologist in Noida and Indrapuram for pregnancy care and delivery. Currently my 1st month is going on . Can you please help?
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